Monarch Sightings-Spring is in the Air


There are a couple of ways to tell spring is coming. The children start to forget what you tell them. Flowers start to appear in the garden. Trees burst into bloom, and the monarch butterflies start to appear. If you are lucky, hundreds to thousands might start showing up to make the announcement; spring is here.

So today at the day job during PE, my students and I are assaulted by bombarding butterflies. They dip and dart in all directions, taking my thoughts away from work, the economy, and normal adult worries. My students comment if the frisbees they are practicing with might collide with a monarch or two. I notice how the butterflies glide up over each child, flitting on an errand that only they can accomplish in their short 2 weeks of life.

Could they take me with them? Away from school? Away from work? When is Spring Break again anyway? “Back to practice kids.” The cold wind still blows around the field, carrying one butterfly into another. Just stopping to watch another glide by, I notice some are morning cloaks and others are cabbage butterfly white.

Spring is here. The green hills call. 2 1/2 weeks until Spring Break remain. Testing is in 3 weeks. Get the kids back in the classroom. Continue with the list of standards, homework everyday, and building the new workers of tomorrow. But I think of the butterflies of today. Just a moment that I stopped to watch them soaring on their way to welcome spring.


About Tiffany Turner

I am a teacher by day, writer during the evening and weekends. I've written a children's fantasy series called the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I've learned a lot as an Independent author. I want to share that now through blog posts, interviewing fellow authors, and reviewing other children's books. If you don't see it out there, build the blog yourself. I'm hoping to create a resource for people to find quality children's books that don't always fall along the lines of mainstream.

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