A Sweet Adventure For Your Child


Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs. The Candy King by R. G. Cordiner

This book is a treat for any child. It has all kinds of elements that will tempt a child’s imagination, as well as their stomach. From chocolate archers to powdered sugared snowmen, this candy tale will lead any child’s fancy into a world that they wish they could explore.

It starts with a brother and sister each finding different paths into a world of the Tooth Fairies and the Candy King. The fascinating fact is that each sibling is on opposing sides, and a Candy War is imminent. The story carries the reader from the different perspectives until finally drawing them together for the ending. A dragon plays a pivotal part in the story, along with the Tooth Fairies characterized as young Valley Girls. I enjoyed this fantasy world that was created. I can see a child getting lost in this turmoil of tooth fairies and candy creatures.

I think the first thing I had to get used to is the style of this author. There were some phrases that were distinctly Aussie English usage, like icing sugar instead of powdered sugar. So, for American children, they will have to use context clue strategies to conclude the meaning of some phrases.

A balance between the real world and fantasy world was thrown off a bit when the teacher caged up the bad children in his classroom, and no one noticed. Maybe I’m just a stickler for real facts embedded in fantasy to make it realistic, but I felt the teacher could be mean without the additional abuse. But then, I’ve never gone to school in England. Maybe there are secret classroom disciplines I know nothing about.

Overall, I found this to be an enlightened, sweet tale full of fantasy to tempt the imagination of any child. I’m sure it will hold most children enthralled throughout the story. It is definitely a sugary tale of adventure without the cavities.

**** Four Star Rating, ages 7-12 years. Middle Reader Book. Available in paperback or Kindle editions.


About Tiffany Turner

I am a teacher by day, writer during the evening and weekends. I've written a children's fantasy series called the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I've learned a lot as an Independent author. I want to share that now through blog posts, interviewing fellow authors, and reviewing other children's books. If you don't see it out there, build the blog yourself. I'm hoping to create a resource for people to find quality children's books that don't always fall along the lines of mainstream.

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