Read An Ebook Week March 6 – 13


Smashwords is sponsoring the “Read An Ebook Week” March 6-13. Tons of ebooks for children are listed under a special promotion from 50% to 75%. I’m even finding a few books for free. It is a bit hard slogging through the website trying to find all the books. But luckily, Indie Authors are letting me know which of their books are listed in this one week promotion. Here are some featured children’s books below.

I’m starting off the fun with my first book, The Lost Secret of Fairies, FREE. Yes, that’s right, free. So there is no excuse to put off reading an Ebook with your child this week. Here’s the list to get started:

1) The Lost Secret of Fairies:
Free with Coupon Code: RE100

2) My Sparkling Misfortune
-25% off with coupon code RAE25

3) The Journey
-Free with coupon code RA25

4) The Adventure of Anna the Great (a middle-reader/YA adventure story)
Coupon Code: RAE50

5) Tempest (YA/Sci-fi Fantasy)
Free with Coupon Code: RAE25

6) Rita Morse and the Sinister Shadow (YA/Sci-Fi Fantasy)
Free with Coupon Code: RAE25

OK, you have no excuse. Get your kid reading. Happy Ebook Week!


About Tiffany Turner

I am a teacher by day, writer during the evening and weekends. I've written a children's fantasy series called the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I've learned a lot as an Independent author. I want to share that now through blog posts, interviewing fellow authors, and reviewing other children's books. If you don't see it out there, build the blog yourself. I'm hoping to create a resource for people to find quality children's books that don't always fall along the lines of mainstream.

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