#Samplesunday May 15, 2011 First Look into Dragonfire


I’ve been working diligently on the third book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I want to post the first look at the progress of the book. Some new things are going to be happening to Wanda. Plus, dwarves are starting to become a pivotal part of the Dragonfire secret. It’s all starting to come together. Keep in mind, this is an early draft and will be subject to revision. But I want to give my fans a first glimpse, and then you can let me know what you think. Wanda has just arrived home from school:

When I got home, I dumped my books on the ground and tried to think of something to do. I felt so tired from everything. My head was spinning, and I thought I’d lay down. Maybe a nap would be good. Anything to forget the horrible day I’d had at school.

I took off my crystal pendant and put it by my nightstand. I always did this when I went to sleep. The crystal hummed and warmed in my hand. The crystal fairy that lived within was like an adviser from time to time. I’d learned that if it got warm, she usually had a message. I held it and listened for her head voice. Her voice hummed in my head. Sometimes a break from your problems can help you sort them out later. Rest, and all will be well when you awaken.

Before drifting off to sleep, I remember thinking of Chyra, my unicorn guide in the World of Fairy. She was a master of the fairy paths, and had helped me find Balkazaar’s hidden cave. I wonder what she would think about Eddie. Maybe I just had to rely on my fairy friends now. Malik, a brownie from my home fairy realm, was a real trickster that loved to give advice when not wanted. Lavendora was another fairy that didn’t seem to trust cats. And then there was Brewford. At least he would be there to help. He’d said it often enough.

I thought of Chyra, riding the fairy paths, crossing the large waters to Ireland and maybe other lands. The last thing I remember before my subconscious took over was Chyra stepping onto a rainbow path as I saw her leave from our last adventure.

Then I heard laughter. Small giggles at first, that turned into bubbling laughter. It was followed by a mind voice that sounded like cutting glass. HELP! Wanda, help me. I opened my eyes to see my little brother standing near my bed. He was holding my crystal pendant and pulling on the cord. He started swinging it with a big smile.

“Heah, put that down.”

With an eruption of laughter, my brother ran out my bedroom door and down the hall.

I could hear a scream in my head from my crystal fairy. Help me. I am flying around and hitting the walls.

I scrambled out of bed as fast as I could. I ran down the hall and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Give it back to me now. MOM!”

“No, it’s my pretty necklace NOW.” My brother’s toddler voice spit the t’s at me. “I found it. All mine.”

“No it’s not. I put it there before I went to sleep. MOM!”

“Alright, alright. What has he done now?”. My Mom circled the distance from the kitchen to living room. “You’re only back for a few hours from visiting your father, and already into trouble.”

He smiled back at her. He got the “Puss and Boots” look from Shrek, and gave my Mom the flash of the big brown eyes. My brother got away with a lot by just smiling.

“My pret-ty.” He stressed the ts in a long drawn out demand of ownership. “MINE.”

“No dear, it is your sister’s necklace. Please give it back.”


“Please dear, it will make Mommy very happy.”


“Come on you brat, give it back.” I was losing my patience.

Mom turned to me and said, “Wanda, you have to be gentle with him. He doesn’t understand.”

“Yes he does. He thinks if he holds anything it’s his. That’s how he understands.”

Mom ignored my quip and continued with her pleading. “Give it to Mama, and I’ll give you a big surprise in return.”

His face lit up for a moment. His shaggy brown hair fell in his eyes as his knobby hands flexed on the pendant. “What surprise?”

Mom eyed him back leading him into the bait. She leaned inward. “A big cookie, just for my little man.”

“Cookie.” He dropped the pendant and toddled into the kitchen. Mom followed as I swooped up my pendant. I looked it over. The wire had broken on one section and I could see a crack on the bottom point. This didn’t look good.

“Mom, why couldn’t he have just stayed at Dad’s until Christmas or something?” I was filled with seething rage. “Why did he have to come back today?”

Mom’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “You know the arrangement with your father Wanda. These month long visits are suppose to help them bond more as men. Plus, it helps out with the budget and preschool schedule.”

“Yeah, this month it’s our turn to shuttle him back and forth. I know I’m going to hate October. Can November and December count as one month?” I always got Mom and Dad’s crazy mixed-up custody schedule confused. They switched off watching the little terror to help each of them. He was a lot to deal with at once. But I think it was just to help with Mom’s budget. Things were always quieter the month he was visiting Dad.

Now the mischief-maker of the house was back. I could at least escape during the summer by hopping the fence and reading. But now that he was here again, I’ll have to make sure everything was far out of reach. I’d lost track of so much just trying to find Eddie and help the fairies.

I looked at the pendant again. Yes, there was definitely a large crack at the bottom of the crystal. I held it to see if I could get any warmth from the crystal fairy within. I thought talked to her, Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

I felt massive pain in my head. I hurt. He cracked the crystal. You need to take me to the Fairy Queen. And then more pain rushing between my eyeballs. Ouch. It hurt more than sinus pressure headaches from my allergies.

Ok, hold on. I put the necklace around my neck and looked at the clock. 4:30pm. There was enough time for a quick trip to the Fairy World before dinner. “Mom, I’m going out in the orchard to read. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Ok dear, no more than an hour. I’ll have dinner ready at 5:30pm.” I headed for the sliding glass door that lead out to our backyard. I saw my brother round the corner of the kitchen into the living room stuffing his face with a big, chocolate chip cookie.

“Brat,” I whispered back at him.

“I got a cookie and you don’t.” He smiled again while I stepped out onto the porch and didn’t look back. That’s one thing good about the Fairy World, I can at least get away from my little brother.

**The Crystal Keeper Chronicles are available on Amazon.com as paperback or Kindle editions.


About Tiffany Turner

I am a teacher by day, writer during the evening and weekends. I've written a children's fantasy series called the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I've learned a lot as an Independent author. I want to share that now through blog posts, interviewing fellow authors, and reviewing other children's books. If you don't see it out there, build the blog yourself. I'm hoping to create a resource for people to find quality children's books that don't always fall along the lines of mainstream.

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