Interview with Laura Lond, Author of The Lakeland Knight Series


The summer interview series continues with an interview with Laura Lond. Her middle reader novel, My Sparkling Misfortune, is told from the perspective of the villain protagonist with lots of twists to keep you guessing. Laura discussed her plans for a sequel, her writing routine, and what to expect from her next.

1) How did you get your ideas for your book, My Sparkling Misfortune?
The overall setting and theme are inspired by traditional fairy tales and I guess Disney classics. I’ve always loved a good adventure with knights, swords, castles, and of course some miraculous happenings. As to the specific idea for the book, they usually come to me in the form of a small seed that plants itself deep inside and starts growing. In this case, it was a villain who had a lot to say, and, I thought, deserved a chance.

2) Why did you pick the villain perspective for My Sparkling Misfortune?
Lord Arkus’s sense of humor had won me over. I heard him “talk” and I knew it would be best to let him tell his story.

3) What other adventures are planned for Lord Arkus and the sparkling, Jarvi?
Lord Arkus is not happy with the situation he finds himself and his sparkling friend in in the end of Book 1. He tries to remedy that, which turns into a whole new quest, more heroic than Arkus would be willing to admit.

4) What is your writing routine?
When I come up with a book idea, which is usually a theme, a character, or a scene, I try to expand it, develop the story as much as I can. I am not a good planner, my stories prefer to write themselves as I go, but it helps to have at least all the major turns mapped out, so I try to do that.

I write in the evening or late at night, when all the other work is done and there are no distractions. Writing is a slow process for me. I often wish I could complete a book sooner, but every writer is different, and I have to accept that I’m a slow one.

5) Could you summarize what writing means to you in one sentence?
Letting out stories I have inside of me.

6) What advice could you give to young authors?
Don’t give up, don’t be discouraged, write as much as you can.

7) What are some current projects you are working on now?
I am writing the sequel to My Sparkling Misfortune. When I’m done with that, I plan to return to another unfinished fantasy novel. Other ideas will have to wait.

My Sparkling Misfortune is available in Paperback and Hardback Editions at Ebook editions available as Kindle and Smashwords editions.
*** For more information on Laura Lond and her other books, please visit her website at:

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