A Book for the Wereperson at Heart


Year of the Werecurse-Werewhat? by Debi Faulkner

October is the month for spooky, creepy fiction. If you like that plus a touch of some ole’ fashion normal kid problems, this book is for you. Imagine moving to a new town. Your family just inherited a mansion and for some reason, the villagers are afraid of you. Welcome to the world of Jack Henry, your average geeky 11 year old, that loves comic books and a glance at beautiful girls from afar. His only problem was waiting for the new copy of a thriller comic book in the Gargoyle Knight series. You know, simple preteen problems, until he came to Whereville.

Now, something strange is going on with his family. His new house can’t stay in the same pattern for long, making it a clear adventure just to go to the bathroom. But more unravels when the full moon arrives. Can he keep his family safe from their own were curse? Will the villagers ever treat him normal? Or is that impossible with a family that is clearly cursed with an unusual ability? You be the judge in this new take on what it is to be “Were”.

If you love the Goosebumps series or books like it, you’ll enjoy this interesting way of looking at werepeople. Werewolves tend to be the most written about wereanimal. But what if there were more types? Peacocks? Sea Turtles? Sloths? It does create a bit of a family problem, especially since the curse seems to be affecting his parent’s ability to judge what is safe versus unsafe. The main character, Jack Henry, seems to be the only one aware of the problem until he finally convinces his sister being a werepeacock is a bit different. Of course, one can infer it’s part of the curse.

This book kept my attention until the end. And I did enjoy the conflict of the Science teacher and town bullies out to get the poor, Jack Henry. Miserable underdogs appeal to me.

If you like a story to get you into the Halloween mood and that could take you through the next few weeks, this is a book to start now. As many good horror fiction tales, it goes through a good portion of the school year, making it a great read all year long. A definitely enjoyable children’s horror fiction that turns Jack Henry into a were-Harry Potter hero.

**** Four Star Rating

Available in Amazon.com and Smashwords.com ebook editions.


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