Kids With Super Powers Rule


Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson

What if you’re 12 years old with Super Powers? Which super power would you have? Pricilla Sumner doesn’t have a choice. She discovers the hard way that fire can shoot from her fingers. And the fun continues from there.

Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson is a book that combines a comic book heroine with a Spy Kids plot. Priscilla likes to hang out with her best friend, Tai, and talk about boys. But when she discovers a secret so intense it can fry her friends, literally, that’s when things get interesting.

Unlike some comic books, it seems more realistic. Ok, really. There’s a nice emotional connection that comes from the first person narrative of Priscilla. You feel you have the super powers with her. Suddenly, fire shooting from your fingers is a problem along with a possible first kiss with a boy.

Priscilla and her mother don’t get along well. Her mother is so busy with work, she seems to hardly know Priscilla exists. But as her powers grow, she realizes her mother is the key.

Noting clues, such as her father upset she appears on a local TV show and her mother gone for long periods of time, Priscilla starts to put together a bigger picture. Everything is revealed when she finds herself in mega trouble. And it will take trusting her mother, figuring how to use her powers, and relying on herself to save her family.

Though I’m not a big super hero fan, I enjoyed the realistic, narrative writing style. I started to get sucked in relating to the fact most teens try to wish they were something else. Along with the combination of teen and super hero problems, Nelson combines an adventurous plot.

Though I might have chosen different super powers, I found relating to Priscilla easy and fun. There are some older teen issues. Priscilla and her mother have a simliar talk about boys that most preteens should have. If you have a child that hasn’t had Family Life ed in school, you might want to look through to see if you want them to wait until they are a bit older. In the end, I was won over by the witty and super Priscilla. This an enjoyable first book to a super series.

Rated 4 Stars ****
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

*Read the interview with Sybil Nelson.


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