Finalist in the Efestival of Words Best of Indie Ebook Awards 2012


The Lost Secret of Fairies is a finalist for the Efestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

I am happy to announce that the first book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles, The Lost Secret of Fairies, has been listed as a finalist in the Efestival of Words Best of Indie Ebook Awards 2012.

I have to admit, I was amazed this morning to see an email listing credits on my book profile with an award. Curious as a cat, I hit the link to see where it would lead. It showed me a listing of several categories, with 6 finalists in each category. A total of 48 finalists for this year’s award including my own book listing.

Several people listed are fellow Indie writers. One Indie I know, Sybil Nelson is also listed as a finalist. I have done a book review of her nominated book, and interviewed her as well. A couple of other names popped out at me as well. Debora Geary and David Dalglish are also listed as finalists. They frequent a writer’s board for Kindle authors. It is a great support site for other Indie writers, and I am so happy to be listed with other Indie author friends that I know.

The eFestival of Words is a blog site that is dedicated to getting the word out about Indie books. There are finalists in 27 different categories are up for voting. Members will vote for the winners for the next month. August 17-19 are the book fair dates.

I feel so bolstered to be a finalist. I can only guess what exposure this is creating. In fact, I’ve done a few happy dances in anticipation of where this could lead. Really. It’s always good to have exposure. Voting is up now. Even if I don’t win, it’s still an honor to be nominated.

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