Not a Vampire, Not a Superhero, But A Kid That Saves the Day


Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero written by Lauren DW Luchsinger Fox

Chaderick is a typical nerdy kid. He reminds me of Encyclopedia Brown, if he lived in a town of superheroes. Chaderick, which doesn’t prefer Chad, is a not so average kid with not typical neighbors. He stands out since he’s one of the few people that isn’t a superhero, vampire, or zombie. Really, what could be left? The biggest lesson of all to learn, that being yourself can save the day.

Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero. is by Lauren DW Luchsinger Fox. The book focuses on the problem of what to do when you don’t fit in. With his sidekick Hollanda, or Hole, Chaderick searches for the solutions to different mysteries in the town of Hero Town. Why did someone tie up the cafe owners and steal the mustard? Why was there a mysterious fire? Could there be evil afoot with a town full of superheroes? But of course, Chaderick isn’t the only one on the case. Pyroman, Super Dan, and if the local police are out to catch the culprits. But Chaderick wants to prove that you don’t have to be a superhero to save the day.

This is a great book for kids to build self-esteem and have trouble reading. The language is simple and direct for a middle reader. Chaderick is a misfit in a hero filled world. He’s very endearing to anyone that has felt like they don’t stand out in a crowd. The interplay between his friend Hole is masterful. It’s a sidekick relationship you can buy into. Plus, the plot leads to an ending that is satisfying, but with a fun twist. I only had trouble with Chaderick getting tricked into a box trap by the villain. I thought he’d been established as being smarter than falling for it.

Overall, Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero. is a great read for those wanting a book of misfits in a world full of superheroes. Parents will love the direct humor that will help a lower reader. With lots of free summer time, this would be a great book to entertain during any family vacation.

**** Four Star Rating
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