Smashwords Offers Library Pricing


It continues to amaze me how new things come up for Indie Authors. Right now, it’s all about pricing. Whether to have your book priced free in a promo, or set it at price points of $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99. But fresh ground has been broken with Smashwords announcement yesterday of Library Pricing.

According to their blog, Smashwords announced their new program, Library Direct. This new program allows library’s to obtain Indie Books for their ebook check out systems. Several large library networks placed preorders from Colorado and California. It’s will help establish more available books in the ever growing ebook library systems.

Smashwords’s authors received emails about the news, letting them know they can now choose a separate price for libraries. The ability to set a price that is lower or even free for libraries is a great way to promote. Not only can libraries be supported to insure a future for books, it gives a whole new reader base to budding authors.

As with anything new, there are lots of questions. Should a book be listed for free? How will the libraries know which book to buy? How big could this reach?

All I can say is that libraries are hard to break into as a beginning author. With limited funds, libraries rely on book reviews and top seller’s list to choose purchases. Many Indie authors don’t make the NY bestseller’s list. But there is a chance for them to be on the Smashwords Best Seller’s List. And with just a few library systems starting out, I’m sure more will follow. With low priced or free books to choose from, ebook libraries will be larger than any possible brick and mortar library. The shelves would never end.

I am happy to announce that both my books will be available at a lower than retail price for this new library endeavor. It’s a great way to support the future of our library systems and reach a new readership. Plus, it makes me proud to be an Indie Author.

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