Charming Picture Book For Trick-o-Treaters


A Ghost Went Trick or Treating by A. J. Cosmo

There is nothing better than a good story to set the mood for Halloween. A picture ebook called “A Ghost Went Trick or Treating” is a charming story about the lessons learned on Halloween Night. If you are looking for a nonviolent, friendly and safe story for Halloween, this is a great book for your little Trick or Treater.

A mysterious ghost Trick or Treater is adopted into a group of children. Figuring he needs some help, they take him around with them. But when one of them gets into trouble, bullied by the local teens, the ghost comes to the rescue. Plus, there is a surprise twist to the plot. I’m not including spoilers. But if your child likes cute monsters, they will enjoy the surprise.

This is a great story to begin Halloween week. It can be read again and again as a lead up to the big event on the 31st. I highly recommend this for younger Trick or Treaters, but for older siblings as well. The author, A.J. Cosmo, teaches compassion in situations where sometimes, just a nice gesture can be returned in kind.

***** 5 Star Rating
Available on the Kindle only.
This is a Kindle Select book and only available on Amazon.
For your copy of “A Ghost Went Trick Or Treating” click here.


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