A Gift of Old School Adventure


The Treasure of Devil’s Hole by Jody M. Mabry

What do caves, boys on adventure, and gold all have in common? They are combined into a wildly good historical adventure that is hard to put down. The Treasure at Devil’s Hole by Jody M. Mabry is a combination of a Hardy Boy’s adventure and home cooked apple pie. It’s an old school recipe for some good reading. I ate it right up.

A young boy growing up in 1945 goes on an adventure looking for treasure with his two younger brothers. There is a legend told about bandits that hid their treasure in the nearby cavern of Devil’s Hole. One afternoon, they all decide to find out if it’s true. They get more than they bargain for. A mysterious old man tries to nab them as they escape the dangers of the cave.

Bug, also known as Francis, is convinced it must be there. But having been whooped and grounded for trying to find the treasure in the first place, he must find an excuse to outwit his mother to lead another trip down into the cave. With his best friend Billy, Bug runs into more of a mystery than planned. Trapped into a conflict with the local bully, Bug must solve the riddle of the treasure as well as save the local miner that faces the ultimate punishment.

This is a great mystery adventure to get lost in for the coming Holiday break. It’s got a fast pace, keeping you gripped in the story. I couldn’t put it down. It takes place in a small town in Possum Flats, Arkansas. Mabry sprinkles real stories from his grandmother raising her rowdy boys with a mix of traditional mystery storytelling. He was inspired by stories of the “Old Dutchman Mine” as a kid, and uses the classic lost treasure plot with a lot of fun, new twists. There is a nice set up for a sequel in the ending. I am hoping for Bugs to have further adventures with his brothers. Hopefully, Mr. Mabry’s grandmother told enough tales to fill more books. I’m looking forward to them.

***** 5 Stars
The Treasure of Devil’s Hole is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles.com. Plus, it is also available as an ebook at Ibooks.com, the Apple Store, and Lulu.com.


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