A Special Way to Say “I Love You”


I Love You! by Calee M. Lee

I Love You! by Calee M. Lee

When searching for the perfect Valentine’s Gift for your child, try sharing your love over and over again through a unique picture book. I Love You! by Calee M. Lee is a wonderful way to tell your youngster those special words for Valentine’s Day. The book is unique in that it repeats all the different ways love can be expressed. From a secret pillow fort to a birthday crown, the pages flow through kid friendly events to share over and over.

I really loved the illustrations and layout for this book. The text looks as if it is written on mini-notebook paper, and the pictures are adorable.The illustrator, Tricia Tharp, captures the whimsical charm of every kid event with cartoon style images. You’ll want to read this book over and over. It’s a great way to tuck your little one into bed this week. It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift that can be enjoyed all year long.

***** 5 Stars
Available as a paperback and ebook at Amazon.com Also available at Barnes and Noble as a paperback edition.


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