Buried: A New Goth Series for When Everyday Is Halloween


Buried by Linda Joy Singleton: A Goth Girl Mystery

Buried by Linda Joy Singleton: A Goth Girl Mystery

For those of us that enjoy Halloween everyday, I recommend Buried by Linda Joy Singleton. This amazing new Goth series is a spin off of her Seer books. Thorn has just moved to Nevada, started a new high school, but has managed to find her niche, other goth girls. Black nail polish, black fairy wings, piercings and fabulous wig colors are the normal attire to complement a school day. Throw in a past student that has reached fame like Justin Bieber, and you get the starting of a new goth adventure.

Thorn has the ability to find things. Needless to say, a locket finds her with a mystery. When she discovers the secret of the locket, she is connected to its crime. Can she manage to find the owner of the locket that will clear her name? It might mean giving up what she has found most dear, her new friends and gothic look. Can she give it all up to enter the singing contest and expose the criminal before it’s too late?

Seriously. This book has drive. It kept me glued to its pages, turning feverishly with mysteries around every corner. Who is the Grin Reaper? Is he cute? Can a girl save her friend from being with the wrong guy? Not to mention, candy pink doesn’t go well with skull earrings.

If you notice right now you’re wearing black nail polish, this is most likely the book for you. It is a great YA read for any age. Whether you want a good mystery to relax with, or relish the days “Everyday is Halloween”, I recommend Buried. It will make you want more in the end, especially if its dressed in black.

***** Five Star Rating

Available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.


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