Enter Giveaway for an Nintendo 3DS XL: Clues to Free Picture Books April 5-9, 2015


promo2-revealApril is a time to give gifts for the start of Spring. I’ve paired up with a ton of other Indie Children’s Authors to bring you a giveaway and promotions to beat all others. You can enter to win a Nintendo 3DS XL, and then download a book to get a whole new set of picture books for free on Amazon.com. It is for a limited time only. The promotion and giveaway run from today April 5 to April 9.

April 5th – 9th, 2015

This raffle is for children 12 or younger and expecting mothers. By submitting your name, you are confirming that you are eligible to the receive a prize if your name is drawn. International children are welcome to participate provided they have a reliable address that can receive packages. Not responsible for items lost in the mail.

And most importantly–NO CHEATING!

Please do not enter more than once or your entry will be invalidated.

Grand Prize

(1) New 3DS XL ($199.99 or less), color of your choice (black or red) +
(1) 3DS game of your choice (up to a $39.99 value) +
(1) Amiibo of your choice (up to a $14.99 value)

Additional Prizes

Win one of Louise Lintvelt’s fabulous children’s books:

* Goodnight, Sleep Tight: What a Wonderful Flight
* Sing-Along Construction Song
* How Andrew Got His Spots

Entries will be accepted from April 5-9. The drawing will take place on April 10th, and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Terms may be amended at any time.


This raffle is being hosted by Rafflecopter. Please use the link below to enter. Although the form asks you to comment on the blog, it is completely optional and doesn’t prohibit you from entering. Just click on “I commented” to be entered into the raffle.


***Amazing Free Picture Book Promotion from April 5-9***

Below are a list of all the books that will be listed for free from April 5-9. You can go find the ones you are interested in at Amazon.com, and download. Or you can go to Scott Gordon’s blog/website for information on the books and links to download for free. The whole list is also available in his free book, “Pigtastic”.


  • Pigtastic by Scott Gordon
  • Eggtastic by Scott Gordon
  • The Pig Princess by Angela Muse
  • Monster Ruzz has to go to the dentist by Sarah Holmlund
  • Puppy Come Home by Laura Yirak
  • How Far Will It Fly?: (My Yellow Kite) by D.C. Swain
  • Things You Might See on an African Safari: A Counting Journey Through Africa by Louise Lintvelt
  • Things You Might See Swimming Under the Sea: A colourful underwater adventure by Louse Lintvelt
  • Alphabet All-Stars: Animal Flashcards by Scott Gordon
  • The Fisherman’s Son by Marilyn Peake
  • The Snarls: A Hair Combing Story by Becca Price
  • Sharee by Daria Aran
  • Curse of the Creeper Part 1: Minecraft Books for Kids (Unofficial) by Daniel Ashley
  • Ming Li and the Charmed Phoenix by Marina Bonomi
  • Bheki and the Magic Light by Janet Hurst-Nicholson
  • Where Do Ghosts Go When They’re Not Spooking and Scaring? by Alira Bell
  • Quick, Quick, I Feel Sick! by Allira Bell
  • Pumper the Pumpkin by Tiffany Turner
  • How My Farts Made Me Famous! by Max Hinky
  • Game On Boys! The PlayStation Play-offs: A Hilarious adventure for children 9-12 with illustrations by Kate Cullen
  • The Search for the Sheriff’s Star: A Lost Bookshop Adventure by Adam Maxwell
  • Quien Quiere Ser Un Robot por Scott Gordon (Spanish)
  • Cuori Sani e Felici di Scott Gordon (Bilingual Italian and English)

Happy Easter and Spring from all of the participating Indie Children’s Authors!-Tiffany Turner


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  1. Our favorite books are Oh my Oh my Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton, Dr Suess Go Dog Go, the Harry Potter books, and Choose your adventure books.

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