Back to School Blog Tour 2015: Day 3 Featured Author Sean McCartney

2015 Back to School Blog Tour: DAY THREE

2015 Back to School Blog Tour: DAY THREE

Welcome to day 3 of the Back to School Blog Tour. All of the giveaways for the tour are listed on the Back to School Blog Tour page. There are still several days left to enter all giveaways. Entering is easy. From liking authors on Facebook to commenting on their blog, you can enter to win fabulous books from featured authors, a $25 Amazon Gift card, and children’s ebooks.

Today’s Featured Author is Sean McCartney.

Sean Paul McCartney (He’s not related to the Beatle) was born in 1971. He graduated from Alfred University in upstate New York with a Bachelor’s in Communications in 1993. From there he played two exciting seasons traveling around the world with the Washington Generals playing against the famous Harlem Globetrotters. In 1996 Sean earned his Masters in Education and embarked on a career as a teacher.

He is employed by Plain Local Schools in Canton, OH. The first book of The Treasure Hunters Club series is called Secrets of the Magical Medallions and introduces four ambitious teens Tommy Reed, Jackson Miller, Shannon McDougal and Chris Henderson. The series is a cross between the mystery of the Hardy Boys with the action, adventure and history of Indiana Jones and National Treasure.

I was excited to find out about this new and upcoming children’s author. He shares his school memories, inspirations, and reveals his new upcoming projects.

Sean McCartney is the author of the Treasures Hunters Club series on Amazon.

Sean McCartney is the author of the Treasures Hunters Club series on Amazon.

  • Who was your favorite author, and how did they influence your writing?

 Sean: There are so many writers that I have read about who helped me throughout my writing life. I looked to John Grisham for style and outlining. Tom Clancy gave me the best way to start a story with the “what if?” question. Rick Riordan was an influence because he was once a teacher and has done the same thing that I have done, albeit with much greater success. J Finally, JA Konrath and his Newbie Writers Blog provided a ton of information about going the independent route that has proved invaluable to me.


  • What is your most remembered Back to School memory?

 Sean: When I walked into my eighth grade World War II class and tiny Ms. Schot was standing there. She wore a blue knit sweater over a white, long sleeved shirt and a floor length dress. Her glasses were always on the tip of her nose and she wore the same clothes everyday whether it was hot or cold. She taught me WWII but more importantly she taught me how to write to the point. She would always preach, “Say it and say it well and then get out!” I always remember that from all these years ago.


  • Did you have any subjects that were difficult for you in school?

 Sean: Chemistry sent me over the edge! J No matter how much I studied or how much time I put in I just never got it. My teacher was a really nice man who helped me after school and during study hall. He made me promise not to go into the sciences in college. I didn’t!


  • Do you have a writing routine?

 Sean: My routine is to outline the entire book before I start so I have a guide as to where I am going. I have a spiral notebook for every book. If I do some research or something I had to write down on a napkin about a certain chapter or scene…it goes into the notebook. When the novel is finished my notebook looks like a room from Hoarders. I usually show them to students at schools I visit. I usually write from 10 to midnight. Things are quiet at the house and I feel very creative at night.


  • How would you summarize how writing is for you in one sentence?

Sean: Writing allows me to have a creative outlet.


  • What other projects are you working on right now?

 Sean: Two main things: the fourth book in The Treasure Hunters Club series and a Common Core teacher’s book for The Search for Excalibur.

To find out more about Sean McCarthy:

The first book in the Treasures Hunters series is available on Amazon.

The first book in the Treasures Hunters series is available on Amazon.


TO PURCHASE Books in the Treaure Hunters Club:

Book 1: Secrets of the Magical Medallions


Book 2: Breaking the Beale Code

Book 3: The Search For Excalibur


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