Trick or Treat Gift For You: Pumper the Pumpkin Free Promotion Oct. 27-31


One of my favorite holidays is coming up soon, HALLOWEEN! As a kid, I loved using my imagination to make a costume and trick or treat in the night time. It was also the time the neighborhood would come out and visit with one another. I would see many of the people once a year, and would note the changes from the previous year of trick or treating. I would also meet the new people that moved into the neighborhood. There is nothing better than Halloween to promote creativity and community.

So in the spirit of giving out treats, I’m offering Pumper the Pumpkin, my Halloween picture book free from Oct. 27-31 on Amazon. I first wrote the story when I was in Mrs. William’s class in 5th grade. The original was a path down the road of learning that writing can be fun. I was bit by the bug from then on. I had always wanted to rewrite it and make it available for people. I would get lost in the world of Pumper the Pumpkin, and carve him every year with his girlfriend. Her name changed through the years, but it has finally ended as Mirabelle. It deals with the search of finding where you belong and meeting your destiny. Every year, I would find the right pumpkin to carve and turn into Pumper. I am happy to share this tradition with you and your youngster this Halloween.

To everyone this year, may you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Note: Pumper the Pumpkin is also a Kindle Unlimited title.

LINK TO PUMPER THE PUMPKIN ON AMAZON–Also a Kindle Unlimited title.


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