Interview with Javelin Jaaziel


Need a perk up for your child’s reading? Here is a spunky book to make the whole family laugh. Javelin Jaaziel is the author behind a fantastic character, Slog the Winged Frog. Javelin got the idea from a hypothetical question that a zany and inspiring Science teacher would often ask. A terrific story to get the imagination sailing, Slog the Winged Frog: Sister’s Surprise begins the series with this loving and endearing character. I had a chance to talk to Javelin Jaaziel about the love of writing, memories of reading as a child, and what projects are in store for us. 

  • What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

Javelin Jaaziel: When I discovered the little girls next door were fake reading. They read a line in a picture book “black and white ducks”, when really it read “white and black ducks”, but they had memorized it incorrectly. 

  • What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Javelin Jaaziel: More about Slog and his continued attempts to fly, and another story that’s still under wraps. Also something about ocean thermal energy conversion and it’s many potentials, including its ability to end the devastating effects of droughts and hurricanes.

  • What is writing to you in one sentence?

Javelin Jaaziel: A creative outlet, and a way to express ideas.

Slog the Winged FrogSlog the Winged Frog: Sister’s Surprise is the introduction to the lovable frog character of Slog. He lives in a normal swamp with normal friends. But Slog is no ordinary frog. He has wings. Yet, he doesn’t know how to fly. In his search for the answer, he meets Hooty the Owl and Squiggly Squirrel. Does he find the courage to fly? Find out in this delightful story that combines humor and acceptance into a new spin on the Dumbo theme.


Slog the Winged Frog: Sister’s Surprise is available at and Barnes & Noble.




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