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Interview with Leslie Dangerfield


I love dog and cat books. They are so uplifting during these trying times. I think I’ve found a memorable one to share with your family or classroom. Leslie Dangerfield grew up in the Bronx, and uses her real life experiences to develop her story ideas. Her debut children’s book, “Fernando the Bodega Cat”, highlights diversity and inclusion through daily encounters with a NYC bodega cat. I had the chance to ask Leslie about her childhood reading memories, writing routine, and what future projects she has in store for us.

1) What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

Leslie Dangerfield: My favorite memory from reading as a child would probably be reading books with my grandmother. She would share her favorite books with me, and we would read it together. She would even read a few pages aloud to me every night. Sometimes if the books were really good, I would read ahead. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I would still act surprised when we read it together.

2) Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.

Leslie Dangerfield: I’ve come to accept that my writing routine is no routine. My life is very demanding, and as much as I’ve tried to adhere to a routine, it never happens. However, I’ve learned to get creative in order to stay consistent. I use platforms like social media to share short stories from my phone, and in turn I build on that later for a new project. I’ve also even gone as far as recording myself telling a story and having it transcribed, and then going back and revising it until I’m satisfied. The times of dedicating hours at a computer to write are a luxury many people don’t have anymore. Fortunately, due to all the amazing technology we have access to, you can write from anywhere at any time.

3) What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?
Leslie Dangerfield:
I have a few different children’s projects lined up that all include aspects of city life, a diverse range of protagonists tackling real issues that children deal with on a daily basis. Kids today are dealing with so much more than my generation did, and so much of it is unsung. I also have plans for a few YA and adult projects. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

“Fernando the Bodega Cat” is a story that brings you into the heart of many New York City neighborhoods, a bodega store. Found throughout NYC, bodega stores are often the heart of the neighborhood, and can be the meeting of languages, cultures, and highlight the diversity of every neighborhood. Seen through the eyes of a cat, you will get to know all his neighbors and the neighborhood. With Fernando as your guide, learn how differences and diversity is prized and respected, and how everyone can share common interests with their fellow neighbors.

Recommended for children 3-8.

“Fernando the Bodega Cat” is available at and Barnes and

For more information about Leslie Dangerfield, please visit her website here.

Day 9: The Lost Secret of Fairies Online Novel Study, Theme Response Worksheet & Video Lesson Link


Greetings for Day 9 for the Lost Secret of Fairies Online Novel Study. I know I threw a lot into the last post, and I even realized I need to add one more thing before the final essay test, a lesson on theme or message. That is on the essay test, and I wanted to do at least one lesson with The Lost Secret of Fairies since it is an original fairy tale, and working with morals and themes is a standard for 3rd and 4th grade. It’s reviewed in 5th grade to get ready for looking over Tale Tales and American Folk Tales.

So, here you go. I’ve added the theme response worksheet to my free downloads for this novel study. Plus, below is a video from BrainPop. The literature concept of theme/message is taught with animated Star Wars universe characters. It’s about 6 minutes long. Most children are familiar with Stars Wars, so I thought it was a good fit to talk about message and theme.


When your child is done watching, they should have a better understanding of theme for books and movies. You can talk with them about the following discussion questions below:

  1. What is a moral? Can you think of any morals for some of your favorite fairy tales.
  2. What kind of patterns and ideas can you think of in the book, The Lost Secret of Fairies? What idea can you think of to connect them?
  3. What is a basic motif in Star Wars? What do you think is a motif in the book The Lost Secret of Fairies?
  4. Where can you go hunt for themes in a story?
  5. What is one theme in the Star Wars movies? What are clues and examples that support this theme?

summer1Now, they should be able to work on the theme response worksheet below. They can download the webbing graphic to help them organize their ideas. And yes, this will be on the essay test. So, they’ll need to do this. 

Theme Response Sheet for LSOF

The Lost Secret of Fairies- Webbing Graphic Organizer

I’m sorry about this oversight, but it is an important lesson to incorporate into the unit. I’ll post the essay test tomorrow, I promise.

Until then, enjoy the lesson on theme and messages. Stay safe, wash your hands, and together, we’ll get through this.

-Mrs. Turner

***Tiffany Turner is the author of the children’s fantasy series, the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. She has had 18 years experience teaching in California as a public elementary teacher. She is currently tutoring in the private sector and continuing to write full time. 




Day 4: Online Novel Study, Blog Article Activity & Study Questions



Look for other story projects on my blog in the coming days. Please follow to not miss them!

Welcome to Day 4 of The Lost Secret of Fairies novel study. Today, I continue with study questions for the next few chapters, and am featuring a blog article activity that goes along with the novel study. I have three auxiliary activities that go along with reading The Lost Secret of Fairies. They relate to science, author craft, and literature, specifically fairy tales and legends. So, let’s begin with the first activity followed by the study questions for chapters 4-6.

This is a link to a blog post written by me in how I get my ideas as an author. It is called: “How Do Writer’s Get Their Ideas?”

Here are the activity directions. It can be used in conjunction with the novel study or as a separate children’s reading activity.

  1. Read the blog post “How Do Writer’s Get Their Ideas?” by Tiffany Turner
  2. Print out the blog post if possible. Circle or highlight evidence or details you thing are important in regards to writers getting ideas.
  3. Now, answer the questions about the blog post below.
  • What are some examples that Mrs. Turner uses to explain how she got her ideas?
  • How do you get your ideas for your stories?
  • Bonus: Think about writing your favorite author about how they get their ideas. What would you ask them?

summer1Chapter 4 – 6: Study Guide Questions for The Lost Secret of Fairies

  1. What are character traits of Brewford that make him unusual?
  2. How does Wanda over come the obstacles she faces getting the spring water?
  3. What would you do if you had to face off those bullies?
  4. What would you say to Brewford if he was your cat?

Bonus: Have you ever been creek walking?

Tomorrow, I have a fabulous author and picture book to introduce you to, with more study guide questions and advice on how to keep a school at home routine.

Until then, keep reading and learning!

-Tiffany Turner

(Mrs. Turner)

Day 1: Online Novel Study for The Lost Secret of Fairies



Free novel study to go along with The Lost Secret of Fairies.

Greetings and welcome to Day 1 of the Online Novel Study for my book, The Lost Secret of Fairies. I am posting an online novel study to help and support the parents that are looking for activities for their children at home for the next few weeks because of the pandemic break due to the corona virus. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting activities, questions and online resources that will be offered for FREE to go along with my first book in my children’s fantasy adventure series, The Lost Secret of Fairies

I have been an elementary teacher for over 20 years. I’ve taught in the US school system in the state of California for 18 years, and I’m a credentialed teacher. Due to health issues, I had to retire from the classroom, but do work part time now in a local tutoring center, which all has shut down due to my county being a hot spot for corona virus.

So, in the spirit of trying to help with this crisis, I’m putting up some of the novel study unit I developed in the classroom for my book. I taught the unit twice before I became ill, and am happy to offer it now to teachers, parents and others that would like to teach my book, The Lost Secret of Fairies, at home, as a home school project, or in the classroom later when, hopefully, we return to normal.

Here’s the book trailer so your child can get excited about the story. I made it myself, and wrote and play the harp music in the trailer.

To begin with, here are the links to the ebook, The Lost Secret of Fairies. Paperback covers can also be purchased and used for the novel study. I have made the ebook available at a deep discount of only $0.99. Most of my books are available at $1.99 or $2.99 later in the series. So, if your child or students wish to continue in the series, copies for all the books are available online. I always kept additional copies of later books in the series in my classroom library and in the school library so any child could continue if they wish. I self published these books myself over the course of twelve years. So, they are part of my life’s work. So, please understand that I still need to keep them at a reasonable price to recoop some of my costs in editing and publishing them.

**Note: These lessons can also be used if you already have a copy of the book.


The Lost Secret of Fairies is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Links to The Lost Secret of Fairies:

Reading Level is AR 4.6. Children that are high readers in third and up can read this themselves. Children younger will need it read to them. Recommended for 3rd grade and up.

Ebook Links:


Barnes & Noble:



-Paperback edition also available at above Amazon listing.

Paperback Links:

Barnes and Noble:

***Note: I am currently publishing an updated edition with new formatting for the ebook editions. When they become available, I will post them in this section.

When you have the book available, you are ready to begin the study. Just download the official journal entry master page to begin. You can print or make copies of this original master to create a journal to keep while your child/student reads the book. The pages can be put in a three ring binder or stapled together to form a journal. You can attach a blank page to create a journal cover, and your child can decorate it.

PDF link to copy of master below:

Journal Entry Form

After the journal is put together and a copy of the book has been achieved, begin the novel study by reading a chapter a day or in sections of 2-3 chapters a day. This will depend on their reading and grade level. I would start with one chapter a day and see how they do with that. If they can handle 1 or 2 a day, change to that.

I will be posting discussion and response question worksheets for 3 chapters at a time. I will also have additional activities to go along with the novel study which will include reading from other blog posts on my blog.

It will be a fun and engaging couple of weeks for any child or student that finds themselves at home due to the corona virus. Or in the future, any child being schooled at home or later for teachers in the classroom to use.

I will also be including links along the way to past activities I have posted, such as my Spooky Story online unit, and to other children’s authors that are making activities and lessons to go along with their books.

Please feel free to post comments and questions below on how the novel study is going for you.

***Please follow my blog to make sure you receive all the info about activities and lesson plan links. Look for the next post with study and response questions with additional activities in the next few days.

UPDATE April 4, 2020:

So folks, to help you out even further, I have managed to find a way to get the ebook for my book, FREE, for a limited time. From now until the end of the month, The Lost Secret of Fairies ebook is FREE. Yes, you heard that right. I’m giving it to you as a gift, along with the entire free online novel study, to help promote reading and learning during these hard times for the world. It is my gift to the world to hopefully help us all get through together. I’m sure fairies are something we all need now, helpful keepers of the Earth.

Link to Smashwords Free Ebook

Offer lasts until May 31, 2020!

Just remember, wash your hands, stay safe, and be kind to everyone because the world needs that right now. Oh, and fairies. We need the fey. So, enjoy, read and write!

Until next time,

Tiffany Turner






First Review for The Lost Secret of Time on Reader Views for Kids


Lost Secret - High Resolution (1)

The Lost Secret of Time is available as an ebook or paperback on or Barnes and Noble.

I’m very pleased to see the first review for the Lost Secret of Time on Reader Views for Kids. I have always liked this review website’s approach of having kids review children’s books. I always gain more insight having a child’s perspective on what I’ve written.

Here is the a link to the full review:

Alyvia, the child reviewer, really seemed to like my approach of having a girl main character as the time traveler. Plus, Brewford is a hit as always. So, I will give you a spoiler of what I plan next. It is hinted in the series that Brewford is VERY old, and has a history with the Fairy World. I’m planning a book of Brewford fairy tales, his history with the fairies, and explanations to some of the stories eluded to in the series, like how he lost his whiskers, will be told in this prequel book of Brewford and his life in the World of Fairy as a cat sorcerer. So far, this is all just ideas and prewriting, but hopefully, I’ll be typing up something to start this new book. I will be sure to let you know and give updates on the blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy my latest release, The Lost Secret of Time, as it wraps up the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

The Lost Secret of Time

Ebook: at , Barnes and, iBook or Kobo.

Paperback: at or Barnes and

-Tiffany Turner

It’s a Launch! The Lost Secret of Time is Now Available as an Ebook Preorder!


Lost Secret - High Resolution (1)

The last book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles is releasing on Sept. 10, 2018!

It’s here! Finally after three years of blood, sweat and tears, the last in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles is available for preorder. The official launch date is Sept. 10,  2018. But you can get your ebook ordered and ready ahead of time. It is available for preorder on all retail platforms. The links below will take you to your preferred retailer to get the ball rolling for your own copy. The price is $3.99!


Barnes and Noble



The print book is in the process of being ready for preorder too. It is just taking a little bit longer than the ebook. But I’ll have all the links up as soon as they are available. I just wanted to get the links for the ebook out there, because I know there are some people that have been waiting for this book to drop. 😉

Thank you to EVERYONE that has supported me over the last 3 years through my illness and new normal. This whole series has been a work of love and I am so proud to be able to finally bring it to you now. It is a life’s work and I’m happy to be able to see it through to it’s end in spite of my heart condition and illness. I cannot wait to see what you all think of it.

Plus, the Back to School Blog Tour is in the process of planning. Different authors will be participating, giving insights to behind the scenes of writing their books through interviews, and there will even be some special discount deals to start off the new school year. My new book, The Lost Secret of Time, will be releasing on the first day of the blog tour.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks. It will prove to be very exciting.

UPDATE: The print edition is now available for The Lost Secret of Time. Due to the Createspace merge, there will be no preorder for the print edition. It is AVAILABLE NOW to be shipped to your preferred address.


Barnes and Noble:


-Tiffany Turner



Read An Ebook Week 2018: Crystal Keeper Chronicle Deals!


raew 2018

This week is “Read An Ebook Week” at With the release of the fourth book in my Crystal Keeper series soon, this is a great time to stock up on the other books. The first book in the series, The Lost Secret of Fairies, will be FREE this week only. The Lost Secret of the Green Man, the second book, has been discounted by 50%.

The new deadline for the release of the fourth book, The Lost Secret of Time, has been rescheduled for the end of April. It is coming! I promise. It will be just in time for your child’s Spring and Summer reading lists. With the fourth book, the series will be complete. It has been 10 years in the making!

Meanwhile, here are all the links for the discounted Crystal Keeper Chronicle books. The deals last from March 4 – 10. It’s a great way to enjoy reading ebooks and support reading, especially for your child. And pencil in the release date for The Lost Secret of Time. More to come on events about the book release.




Available for Free March 4-10 only at

The Lost Secret of Fairies: Book 1 of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles 

FREE from March 4-10 ONLY!

Coupon: RE100


The Lost Secret of The Green Man

50% off at sale price: $0.99 Regular Price: $1.99

Coupon: RAE50


Crystal Keeper Series After Christmas Sale on Smashwords


I’ve listed the first book in the series, The Lost Secret of Fairies, as a FREE ebook on Smashwords just in time to help ring out the old year. The next book in the series, The Lost Secret of the Green Man, is on sale 50% off at $0.99. The After Christmas Sale will be going on from December 25, 2017 – January 1, 2018.


The Lost Secret of Fairies will be on sale for FREE from Dec. 25-Jan. 1, 2018!

This is all in anticipation of the upcoming book, The Lost Secret of Time. It will be the fourth and final book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. Currently, I’m in the middle of revising the completed manuscript. The release date is looking good for Spring 2018. I’ve been in contact with the artist to complete the cover, and my editor has it on her calendar. Everything is in preparation.

I am SO PROUD to be finally bringing you this last book. It has been a long time in coming. With my being ill back in December 2014, this last book almost wasn’t written. But after the physical therapy, and surviving a heart attack, pneumonia and septic shock, it seems almost a miracle to finally be nearing the completion of this last book. I’m so looking forward to all of you being able to read it. There will be more to come as we near the release date. So stay tuned, and be sure to follow my blog for all the updated info.

But I do have to warn you. Brewford, the cat sorcerer, is telling me that he wants a book of his own to finally set the record straight. He wants a book of his own to tell the stories of his 800 year old lifetime adventures. Something tells me, he may get his wish. But how about you let me know. If you’d like a book told by Brewford explaining his adventures over 800 years as a cat sorcerer, let me know in the comments below.

And to you and all my fans and followers, a very Happy New Year and best wishes in 2018!

-Tiffany Turner

Back To School Blog Tour 2017 Starts Sept. 11


2017B2SchoolBannerSo, I’ve been hard at work planning the 5th Annual Back to School Blog Tour. I’ve got some pretty amazing authors lined up to share the behind the scenes take on writing children’s books. Plus, these same amazing authors will be posting reviews of the books featured the week of the blog tour.

**So come back on Sept. 11 and get to know the participating authors. All week, author interviews will be posted with links to their book reviews. Enjoy a week of celebrating books and education. I’m looking forward to it!

**Plus, the Back to School Blog Tour Giveaway will start on Sept. 11. Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for your very own books to start off the year. Teachers can enter to add to their own class libraries. It will run through the weekend and end Sunday Sept. 17.

Link for Back to School Giveaway: Starts Monday, Sept. 11

So, bookmark and come back on Monday Sept. 11. Until then, happy beginning of school!

-Mrs. Turner

UPDATE: The Lost Secret of Time: Final Book in Crystal Keeper Series Due out Spring 2018



Working cover for the last Crystal Keeper Chronicles book, The Lost Secret of Time. 

I wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of the last book in the Crystal Keeper series, The Lost Secret of Time. I’m proud to announce that there has been a schedule set up for it’s completion. It is outlined, and has 9 chapters of the 14 written thus far. It’s scheduled with my editor for the end of October, and I’ve been working hard with the help of Camp NaNo to get it completed.

I have to thank all of my fans for your patience. I know this one is taking longer, but sometimes life throws things at you that can’t be planned for, like a heart attack, going septic in the hospital and having acute pneumonia. I’m just happy to still be alive and be around for a second chance to finally complete the series.

I also have to mention I did try to end the series with the third book, but the characters WOULDN’T let me. They insisted that the story carry on. So, that is why the third book ends the way it does in a cliffhanger. There was just more story to tell.

Plus, once I wrap up this series, I’m planning a prequel in which Brewford, the cat sorcerer, will be the main character. There are a lot of things hinted about his past in the series, and I want to write a prequel that explains it all. So, the ending of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles won’t be the end of Wanda’s fairy world. It will continue in other forms.

It has been an amazing ten year journey so far. I’m sure many of you fans have grown up waiting for the books to be written. If anything, you’ve learned that writing is a process and takes time, an average of two years per book at least. The biggest thing that a reader needs to possess is patience for your favorite books. I know your pain. I’ve gone through the same thing with my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice and Mercedes Lackey. I think the secret is having LOTS of favorite authors so you can switch between them between new book releases. It’s how I cope. 😉

Until then, take care, and I hope you enjoy your other favorite authors until the new and last book in the series is released next Spring. Stay tuned for fun summer reading activities and giveaways. Have a fabulous summer.

-Tiffany (Mrs. Turner)