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Book Review: Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble (Middle Grade Novel)


Paul Breau is the author of the new middle grade book, Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble.

The Holiday Season is kicking off right now, and you may be in search for a reading present for the child in your life. So, I’ll be highlighting some awesome books and authors that I find over the next few weeks. The first I’d like to tell you about is a great new series from a Canadian author, Paul Breau. He has put together a great middle grade novel as the first in his Step By Step series. The book is called Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble.

Siarra is so excited about her new skating class. She’s starting the highest level class, and just needs it to be complete all that is needed to go to skating camp. But on her first day, a bully starts to get in her way. Every new session of class, she runs into problems with the bully. One thing after another happens. She suddenly sees bullies everywhere, especially at school. A run in with the class bully and watching someone else be a hero gives her the strength to stand up to her bully. Will she be able to face him in the final test of the class? Will she find out what makes him so mean?

Siarra JonesI really enjoyed Siarra as a character. It was good to see a strong girl, excited and having a good relationship with her parents. The bully incidents are realistic, and she learns more about being bullied first hand. It gives her empathy for others around her she notices are bullied. She goes through a beautiful change to start standing up for others, and uses this knowledge to stand up to her bully. But I was really hoping that the bully character himself would have some insight and we’d see more of his change. There is a little bit at the end of the book, but I wish there were more background revealed for the bully himself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and hope it will make it into classrooms and libraries. It would make a great read aloud for a class to have discussions about bullying and what to do in different situations presented in the story. Plus, for any child that is being bullied, it will be an empowering read.

Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble is available at This is a Kindle Unlimited title.

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First Review for The Lost Secret of Time on Reader Views for Kids

Lost Secret - High Resolution (1)

The Lost Secret of Time is available as an ebook or paperback on or Barnes and Noble.

I’m very pleased to see the first review for the Lost Secret of Time on Reader Views for Kids. I have always liked this review website’s approach of having kids review children’s books. I always gain more insight having a child’s perspective on what I’ve written.

Here is the a link to the full review:

Alyvia, the child reviewer, really seemed to like my approach of having a girl main character as the time traveler. Plus, Brewford is a hit as always. So, I will give you a spoiler of what I plan next. It is hinted in the series that Brewford is VERY old, and has a history with the Fairy World. I’m planning a book of Brewford fairy tales, his history with the fairies, and explanations to some of the stories eluded to in the series, like how he lost his whiskers, will be told in this prequel book of Brewford and his life in the World of Fairy as a cat sorcerer. So far, this is all just ideas and prewriting, but hopefully, I’ll be typing up something to start this new book. I will be sure to let you know and give updates on the blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy my latest release, The Lost Secret of Time, as it wraps up the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

The Lost Secret of Time

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-Tiffany Turner

Middle Grade Book Review: The Supernatural Pet Sitter (The Rescue)


SPSCoverjpegMiddle grade novels are my forte. So you can take my word when I find a new one that is awesome. The Supernatural Pet Sitter: The Rescue by Diane Moat is a fun take on a world with gnomes, elves and witches all living together with humans. It’s like the world evolved differently than our own world. I loved it!

Pepper is a gnome that has already had some amazing adventures. In previous books, she has already been helping her world with her best witch friend, Luna. But now, some high school students have gotten trapped in a cave-in. Her whole family and neighbors are activated, as the whole community of elves, gnomes and witches work with the humans to free them. Then, the secret of who is behind all the attacks underground is revealed. TROLLS! Can Pepper work with her friends to defend her family and neighborhood against these ancient foe?

I really like this series. It is filled with characters I would enjoy as a kid: gnomes, witches, and elves. Relating with a gnome as the main character, it’s like playing a mini-Dungeon and Dragons game with Diane Moat as the DM. Add the fact that they are part of a community and trying to help humans and the greater good, I’d recommend this for kids that love fantasy. This book is number three in the series.

***The Supernatural Pet Sitter: The Rescue is available at and is a Kindle Unlimited title.