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Interview with Dipa Sanatani


Dipa Sanatani is the author of the YA book “The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family”.

I always enjoy finding unique stories and the authors that write them. I believe I’ve found another great author to introduce you to. Dipa Sanatani is a fabulous children’s author with a unique young adult book called “The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family”. She has studied and worked in several countries including Australia, Singapore, Israel, China and Japan. Her background is in business and education. She brings a remarkable perspective to her stories while weaving in lessons all ages can appreciate. I had a chance to talk to Dipa Sanatani about her childhood reading memories, her favorite authors, and future projects.

1) What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

Dipa Sanatani: I loved going to the local library as a kid. A place filled with books where you can read for free? For a long time, that’s what I thought heaven looked like.

Whenever I opened a book, I entered magical worlds, travelled far far away and went on grand adventures without leaving my bedroom. Books inspired my curiosity, fired my imagination and broadened my horizons.

These days I travel a lot and create my own magical worlds. I hope my books can give readers what my favorite authors once gave me.

2) Who was your favorite author and how did they influence you?

Dipa Sanatani: Ahh! It’s so hard to pick just one. But if I have to…

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. I loved the relationship The Little Prince has with the fox and the rose… There’s a simplicity and a depth to the way he writes. When I was a child, I read it as just a story. But it’s one of those books that really startles you when you re-read it as an adult. He said so much in so little. It’s brilliant.

3) What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Dipa Sanatani: My debut novel The Little Light is the first book in The Guardians of the Lore Series. It handles themes like reincarnation, world mythology, cosmology and folklore. There’s nothing else like it available in the market. Titles in the spirituality genre are typically non-fiction and intended for an adult audience. I’ve written The Little Light with younger readers in mind. My goal is to inspire their curiosity in these topics in a fun and accessible way.

I’ll definitely continue exploring these topics in the sequel. If you’d like to find out more… stay tuned.

Ecover-TheLittleLight “The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family” begins on the eve of the Little Light’s birth. It finds itself at a Planet Party with all the Celestial Beings, The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. But the bickering and fighting is making it hard to support the Little Light. They must put aside their differences to prepare the Little Light for its birth on Planet Earth. Prepare the Little Light for its destiny.

“The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family” is available at

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YA Fantasy Author: Interview with Rae Miles


perf5.000x8.000.inddAs we start the last week of September, I have a book to recommend for your fall reading list. Successor is the debut novel by Rae Miles. She has spent her life thinking of amazing characters and finally has given them a new home in her debut novel. With creative writing degree in hand, she has written a memorable first YA Fantasy.

I had time to talk with Rae Miles about her love for fantasy, her writing routine, and what she is working on next.

1) Do you have a writing routine?

Rae Miles: I wouldn’t say I have a routine, per se, but usually when I’m working on a scene and can’t quite figure out how to describe something, I’ll act out what’s supposed to happen. I’m able to get a natural response, just based on how I would react in that situation. I even use my cats as character substitutes if I’m working on dialogue! I might even slip into an accent or two in the process.

2) What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Rae Miles: I like writing fantasy because it allows me to make my own rules as to how the world works. There are a couple of other projects I have in mind to work on that have darker material, but getting in the right mindset for them is going to take some work. I love reading romance and would love to try my hand at it some day, but I don’t know if I could pull it off! Only time will tell.

3) What is writing to you in one sentence?

Rae Miles: To me, writing is creation in its rawest form, where words alone can create a more vivid universe than any other art form ever could.

Successor is a YA Fantasy that is Rae Miles debut novel. For seventeen-year-old Evan, graduation means freedom. She just never imagined she would find it in another world. She discovers a hidden heritage from her mother, and with it comes magic, power, and responsibility. But claiming her birthright will be dangerous, and could endanger her newfound family and the man she loves.

Successor is available for preorder at: and Barnes and Noble.

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Spotlight on Troy Gathers: Take Me With You Volume 2


takemewithyou2_flyerThe emergence of social media has captivated the world, yet blindfolded our logic on so many social concerns with both adults and youth alike. With social media having user friendly browsing capabilities, this is by far the easiest way for someone to be infiltrated and put in situations that they did not foresee. The idea of showcasing too much of one’s personal life has become a trend but is that a good thing? In a time like today where someone can make new friends with the click of a mouse, it’s important that we put friendships into perspective. Author Troy Gathers did just that with his newly released book Take Me With You Volume 2: The 7 Types of Friends in your Life. Troy believes that there are 7 types of friends in all of our lives and after reading his book, readers will have newly appointed wisdom to who they actually are.

Take Me With You Volume 2 is Troy’s third book and one that he is very passionate about. This is the second installment in Gathers’ book trilogy Take Me With You and like Volume 1, Troy provokes change in his readers. “I believe that in this microwave society we live in, someone needed to add some clarity on friendships,” says Gathers. Take Me With You Volume 2 gives an in-depth view into real life scenarios with biblical stories to add another viewpoint for the readers. “Growing up, I was always told by my Great-Grandmother Harriet Ladson that if I had any worries to read the Bible. The Bible is what we used for guidance in my family. I guarantee you that Take Me With You Volume 2 can provide the confirmation that so many of us seek regarding the closest people to us,” says Troy.

bio_pic (1)

Troy Gathers is the author of Take Me With You Volume 2 available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Troy Gathers hails from Charleston, South Carolina but is no stranger to the city life. “I had a very humble upbringing in Charleston but didn’t want my journey to end in my hometown. Throughout my experiences in school and in entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to interact with so many different personalities. Throughout all my experiences with others, I was able to pinpoint 7 characteristics that were similar across the board on how people treated one another. This insight is coming from someone who attended 10 different schools in his lifetime and lived in numerous neighborhoods as a youth.”

“Not everyman can be famous, but everyman can be great!” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “When I first read those words from a memorial wall at South Carolina State University, I was touched,” Gathers said. “In life, sometimes all we can hold on to is words and a belief that they will manifest.” “Growing up, all I could do was dream.”

These words continuously push Troy Gathers towards his dream to strive for excellence. When asked about his childhood, Troy explains how it has played a major role in his future; Troy said, “The pain from my past has prepared me for the future.” “In college though, I found that I was very different. I found that welfare and section 8 were foreign to some college students.” The entrepreneur said that he began to see his purpose for his upbringing; “I have the voice to help people grow through trials.” After graduating from South Carolina State University, Gathers sought out to be a voice for the young and an inspiration to all. “As a public speaker, I have the stage to reach people far and near with my message”, he says joyfully. I’ve actually spoken to inmates on a continuous basis across the state of South Carolina in penitentiaries.” I have spoken to groups ranging from age eight to forty. Since I am one with the generation it is possible to hold their attention throughout the entire speech,” Gathers said. “Knowing that the speaker went through a similar situation less than ten years ago allows the audience to leave with a sense that there is a way to overcome their present adversities.”

By the time Troy reached seventeen years old, he had attended seven different schools and lived in six different neighborhoods. To escape the everyday troubles of society, Troy focused on success. In High School, despite the constant moving Gathers still managed to join NJROTC, the newspaper staff, and Future Business Leaders of America to name a few. Gathers stated, “Because of the constant moving, I spent a lot of time wishing for stability and praying for strength. Throughout my life I remained positive and knew that if I continued on this path I would be successful. Given my life experiences, I am able to communicate and relate to the younger generation.”

Once Gathers got settled at South Carolina State University he finally got a chance to show one body of students what he was capable of achieving. At South Carolina State University Gathers formed Intramural Sporting teams, served as the Vice President of freshman dormitory, joined the Young Democrats, SGA, wrote/directed two short films with students and made the grades for The National Deans List. Troy was also the host of the radio show B.E. Y.O.U. which aired on WSSB 90.3FM. (SCSU Radio) The show was based on positive individuals and their accomplishments. Gathers credits his focus at SCSU to his mother and mentors that assured his faith and head was always high. “Even in college people doubt you and try to bring you down, but I have special people that kept me focused on the big picture”.

After successfully completing his MBA program, Troy is currently enrolled in the Public Policy and Administration PhD program. B.E. Y.O.U. is Troy’s Educational Lecture Program for the youth that promotes success in their lives. B.E. Y.O.U is Troy’s cry to the youth to be themselves and step out of the crowd. Under his B.E. Y.O.U. imprint, Gathers has published 3 book titles. In all of Gathers endeavors he keeps God first and only expects great things for the future.

“If you’re a person that has a high regard for others, this book is for you. Don’t go another day without reading this book. So many times we are blinded by our very own loyalty and intentions, that we are oblivious to those that are tearing us down.” Take Me With You Volume 2 will give you a new outlook on your friends and those that you thought were your friends, Gathers concludes.

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Article submitted by Troy Gathers.

Edited by Tiffany Turner.