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Back to School Blog Tour 2017 Starts Today!


2017B2SchoolBannerWelcome to the 5th Annual Back to School Blog Tour! This week, Indie Children’s Authors will be featured. Each day, there will be an author interview with a book review on a participating blog. Click to the link to read the book review. Plus, there is a giveaway of a $25 Amazon Gift Card going on all week. Just pass the word around in tweets, comment about the blog tour or join mailing lists to enter. Giveaway goes until Saturday, Sept. 16.

Link here for $25 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own class library or books for Back to School!


Schedule for the Week:

  1. Monday Sept. 11: Schedule and Giveaway link posted
  2. Tuesday Sept. 12: Featured Author Becca Price
  3. Wednesday Sept. 13: Featured Author Teddy O’Malley
  4. Thursday Sept. 14: Featured Author: Tiffany Turner
  5. Friday Sept. 15: Blog Tour Recap: Last day to sign up for Giveaway

For those lost today, this blog tour is dedicated to all week! Always remember, never forget!

I’d also like to acknowledge on today, Patriot’s Day, those that were lost in the attacks on 9/11. I was teaching that day, and saw the attacks on the second tower as I was getting ready to go to work. Many kids went to school that day, and some did not. Those that went, I had to help them deal with the emotional fall out of the attack, and continued to do that in the days to come.

That Friday, our school  had a moment of silence with the Nation, in which impromptu, many teacher’s grabbed the flags in their classrooms and the whole school stood in the assembly area, each student in a class holding the American Flag for their classroom. The flag became a symbol of hope, strength, and pride for our country. I understand the meaning of it and for those that had fought for it in the past.

So, on this day of remembrance, I share with you one of the memories of that day. I was proud to go to work that day and teach the children, now adults, of our great country. The children I taught that day were 10, and are now 27. So, for their children and the future children of the US, I dedicate this blog tour to educating the future. It’s going to make our country strong and keep us united through everything.

I hope you join me again tomorrow for our first featured author, Becca Price. Until then, remember those that were lost on 9/11.

-Tiffany Turner






Back to School Blog Tour 2015: Day 4 Featured Author Lee Winter

2015 Back to School Blog Tour: DAY FOUR

2015 Back to School Blog Tour: DAY FOUR

Welcome to Day 4 of the Back to School Blog Tour 2015! If you haven’t signed up for the giveaways, they are all listed on the Back to School Blog Tour page. Plus, there are freebie ebooks available for download listed on the Blog Tour page as well.  Each day, new fabulous items are being added. So keep coming back each day.

Today’s featured author is Lee Winter. 

Lee Winter has just released her first novel in the Free-Range Kids Mysteries series, “Angus Adams: the adventures of a free-range kid”, for kids 9-12. Lee is the mother of two boys who keep her on her toes and provide plenty of material to write about. In addition to writing, Lee enjoys painting and cooking. Of course, she also loves to read but this doesn’t usually happen until she falls into bed in an exhausted heap each evening. Oh…and she somehow manages to squeeze in a day job as a research psychologist in parenting and child behavior.

Lee shares her school memories, writing inspirations, and what she’ll be up to with future projects.

Lee Winter is the author of the novel, Angus Adams: Adventures of a Free Range Kid

Lee Winter is the author of the novel, Angus Adams: Adventures of a Free Range Kid

1) Who was your favorite author, and how did they influence your writing?

Lee: When I was very young my mother would read Enid Blyton books to us at bedtime. I was completely hooked on the Magic Faraway Tree, the Famous Five, and the Secret Seven books. Reading those books allowed for escape into other worlds where adventures could and did happen. I’m now reading those same books to my 7 year old and am quite struck by how normal ‘free-range’ was in days gone by. This really was an inspiration for Angus. So much easier for a free-range kid to have an adventure!

 2) What is your most remembered Back to School memory?

Lee: I still remember my first day at school. Shiny new shoes and bag, clutching my mother’s hand as we all waited our turn for the teacher to greet us and invite us into the classroom. Around me, some children were crying and not wanting their mothers to leave. Me? I just couldn’t wait to get at the books!

 3) Did you have any subjects that were difficult for you in school?

Lee: I was lucky, I loved school and was quite academic so didn’t really encounter many difficulties. That said, once at high school I did find mathematics challenging. Perseverance, setting achievable goals and seeking support when necessary saw me through and I now encourage my kids to do the same.

 4) Do you have a writing routine?

Lee: When I’m not in the office, the kids are at school and hubby’s at work – I write. Housework, errands, and catch-ups with friends are all put on hold. I can do all of those things with the kids around but for writing I need solitude, so I don’t waste a minute of it. Either that or have to get up at 3am for writing time, which is not fun L

5) How would you summarize how writing is for you in one sentence?

 Lee: Writing is challenging, rewarding, terrifying, exhilarating, painful, and completely necessary all at the same time.

 6) What other projects or books are you working on right now?

Lee: I’ve just started the second Free-Range Kid Mystery – “Angus Adams and the Missing Pro Surfer”. I’ve also made the short list for a writing competition which involved submitting the synopsis and first chapter for a kids’ chapter book series (Lochie and the Magic Animal Doctor). Now I have to finish the book!

To find out more about Lee Winter, visit her at:

Her blog: http://leewinter.net/index.php/blog/

Her facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/LeeWinterAuthor

Angus Adams: Adventures of a Free Range Kid is the debut novel for Lee Winters available at Amazon.

Angus Adams: Adventures of a Free Range Kid is the debut novel for Lee Winters available at Amazon.

Lee Winter’s is giving away a $20 Amazon Gift card during the blog tour.
Angus Adams: The Adventures of a Free Range Kid is available for purchase on Amazon. On discount promo for $0.99 until Sept. 15.

Elves Are More Than They Seem in the Gemstone Chronicles


Starts July 15 and runs through July 19

Starts July 15 and runs through July 19

Welcome to day two of the Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour. I’d also like to welcome everyone that has come to visit from Kboards.com. Today, a fabulous $75 Amazon Gift Card is being featured for those visiting today. Link below to enter the prize. Note: The giveaway will start on July 16, 2013 and run for seven days. This is a special giveaway for Kboards.com members, but anyone visiting may enter. Thanks for stopping by! I’d also like to thank Harvey at Kboards.com for featuring my blog today.

Win a $75 Amazon Gift Card

Now, for a fabulous Middle Grade novel that has an educational twist that includes, what else, an elf! I’ve managed to find the perfect start to the blog tour. The Gemstone Chronicles: The Carnelian is book 1 in the series by William L. Stuart.

Evil and good are out of balance again, and needs to be restored. Aidan and Maggie are visiting their grandparents, helping their grandfather rock hunt, when they discover an odd fairy cross stone. The debate is on what to do with it after seeing a spector appear from it requesting help.

The Gemstone Chronicles Book 1: The Carnelian by William L. Stuart

The Gemstone Chronicles Book 1: The Carnelian by William L. Stuart

The kids can’t help their curiousty, and break the stone open releasing the elf, Findecano. They must help him to find the several gemstones missing from the Elven Bow. Together, they must restore the balance.

I really liked this story since it showed grandparents as elders helping to raise and instill morals and values in their grandchildren. Plus, it showed the children being respectful. There was also great inner struggles with especially Beebop, the grandfather, as he comes to terms with the fact, elves are real. I always love stories that skirt the real world and a fantasy world.

Plus, it starts at the grandparents’ home in the Georgian mountains as the grandkids are visiting for Spring Break. So, I think this is a great book for kids that are visiting their grandparents, and need some activities. There is even a little education in rock hunting stones, and a general sense of respect for others, including elves and trolls. This would be a great start for any visit to grandparents, with two more books that follow in the series. It will keep grandchildren that love fantasy busy for hours.

**** Four Star Rating
The Gemstone Chronicles: The Carnelian is available at Amazon.com in paperback and ebook editions. Also available at Smashwords.com as an ebook edition.

Tomorrow’s post will feature an interview with the author of the Gemstone Chronicles, William L. Stuart.

I’d like to thank Kboards.com Facebook and Blog for featuring the Indie Children’s Authors Connection today.

**Continue your fantastic journey through Magik and Mayhem here! The Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour continues through to July 19.