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Tiffany Turner Titles During “Read An Ebook Week” March 5-11 on Smashwords


ebookweekbanner20172I love being someone to encourage new things. Once a year, Smashwords holds a big sale to motivate people to try to read ebooks. This has been going on for SEVERAL years now, and I’m happy to be supportive again of this great event.

IF you have children that go through books quickly, ebooks are a great way to keep them supplied. Plus, this sale will be a way to get them on the road to some new great books, many of them for FREE!

I’ve decided to list the first in my Crystal Keeper Series, The Lost Secret of Fairies, for FREE during this week. The second in the series, The Lost Secret of the Green Man, will be on a 50% discount at 0.99. It’s a great way to get them started on a fantasy adventure series that will feed their love of reading.

To further promote reading this week, I’m including a sneak preview of my upcoming fourth book in the series, The Lost Secret of Time. I do apologize for the slow progress on this particular manuscript. I did suffer some medical issues a few years ago, and they’ve taken a very long time to recover from. You can read all about it in this post. But I promise, it will happen. And to my shock, the characters are telling me there should be a fifth most likely. They just can’t stop the adventure they are on. It should all be blamed on them. After all, I just write down what they tell me. 😉

The Lost Secret of Fairies (FREE)


The Lost Secret of the Green Man ($0.99)


NOTE: Deals start on Smashwords at midnight in your time zone.

Here is the excerpt from the first page of The Lost Secret of Time:

The Lost Secret of Time

By Tiffany Turner

©2017, All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

“Mom?” I looked at the girl in front of me. I couldn’t believe what had happened. The girl looking back at me had my Mom’s eyes. In fact, she could have been my sister. She was my age, and looking like a total throw back to the eighties. Her brown hair was clipped back with a barrette with ribbons woven around it. Her clothes were very retro, with a rainbow t-shirt and jeans. Her shoes were tennis shoes, but not designer like Nike. I think they were just regular tennis shoes made of blue denim. My Mom looked totally different. Or rather I was totally not where I should be. I was in 1983.


I read the year from the calendar hanging in the office. It all looked super retro to me. I was having trouble absorbing the fact I was in the eighties. In fact, I might be stuck in the 80s.


I’d traveled through a time portal, chased by the evil sorcerer Balkazar, as he battled with my friend and allie, Brewford, a cat sorcerer. I don’t know who won. And now I was looking at my mother in the front office of my middle school, 30 years in the past.


“You got your pass?” My Mom says.


I struggle to remember her first name. “Katrina, right?” I look at her to see if I got it right.


“Yeah. It’s Katrina. How did you know?”


“I think I heard it from the office lady.” There. Good cover. I hope she buys it.


“OK. Come on. I’ll be your buddy to get you to your homeroom. Which one is it?”


It was all happening so fast. If I gave her my regular homeroom, it would probably not work. I wasn’t even born yet, let alone really enrolled in the school. So, I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. My normal sanctuary at school seemed like the best place to start. “The library. I start my day there.”


“OK,” she answered. “Let’s go.”


We walked out of the office, and down the corridor towards the cafeteria. I looked around at my school, 30 years in the past. All the shrubs and trees in the quad looked new. Grass was starting to grow, and signs were up to stay off of certain sections. It looked like there had been a complete landscape.


I thought trying to make some conversation might help. So, I turned to my Mom. “So, when did they put in the new plants?”


She shoveled her shoulders. “Yeah. They’re trying to spruce up the place after shoving us all into it. They just turned it from a high school into a Jr. High. We’ve got 9th graders here too. The Freshman think they own the place. You just move here?”


“Yeah. Just moved here over the weekend.” I played it dumb. I thought it would be best.


“You’ll like this school. Most of the teacher’s are pretty awesome. They totally like listen to you. Like they really care, you know?”


I nodded. I still was a little freaked out about seeing my Mom as a 13 year old. We could have been sisters. She had the same long brown mousey hair that I did, and glasses. Except mine had no frames around the lenses. Her glasses did. We were a total “Revenge of the Nerds” type casts. It was a bit weird.


We neared the doors to the library which ended our awkward silence. She started with the good-byes first. “Well, here’s the library.” She handed me a schedule list.


“This will help you sort out where you need to go after here. Good luck at Drexel Junior High.” She gave me a wave and walked back heading towards the office. I put my hand on the knob, not sure what I would find in there.


Drexel Junior High? This was a middle school during my time period in the future. I looked down at my schedule for a moment and was happy to see that “Library Assistant” had come up as my first class. Wow. Something was up. I had no choice but to follow through with fate. In fact, I got a weird déjà vu feeling as I opened the door and walked into the library.


I felt a warmth from my pendant. I held it to get in touch with the crystal fairy within.


“Yes. I helped schedule you here. You’ll see why.” The crystal fairies high tinny voice echoed in my mind. I’d almost forgotten I was not totally alone.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Thanks for all the support through the years, and enjoy “Read An Ebook Week”! -Tiffany Turner


Summer Reading Discounts Through June



Summer reading was always something I encouraged when I was teaching. So, it’s something that I think is important, and I’m going to try my best to support that idea. To make it easy for you to read this summer, or help your child read, I’ve lined up to participate in two promos through the month of June. Look for the Crystal Keeper Chronicles to be on sale for $0.99. Plus, several other children’s books will be linked and listed along with mine for free or at a discounted $0.99. The first promo starts this weekend June 18-19. Look for more information starting on June 18.

***The next promo will be June 28-July 1.

**Each promo will be featuring different children’s books along with mine. It should give a boast to any summer reading list. Happy reading! You all come back this Saturday. See you then!

Enter Giveaway for an Nintendo 3DS XL: Clues to Free Picture Books April 5-9, 2015


promo2-revealApril is a time to give gifts for the start of Spring. I’ve paired up with a ton of other Indie Children’s Authors to bring you a giveaway and promotions to beat all others. You can enter to win a Nintendo 3DS XL, and then download a book to get a whole new set of picture books for free on Amazon.com. It is for a limited time only. The promotion and giveaway run from today April 5 to April 9.

April 5th – 9th, 2015

This raffle is for children 12 or younger and expecting mothers. By submitting your name, you are confirming that you are eligible to the receive a prize if your name is drawn. International children are welcome to participate provided they have a reliable address that can receive packages. Not responsible for items lost in the mail.

And most importantly–NO CHEATING!

Please do not enter more than once or your entry will be invalidated.

Grand Prize

(1) New 3DS XL ($199.99 or less), color of your choice (black or red) +
(1) 3DS game of your choice (up to a $39.99 value) +
(1) Amiibo of your choice (up to a $14.99 value)

Additional Prizes

Win one of Louise Lintvelt’s fabulous children’s books:

* Goodnight, Sleep Tight: What a Wonderful Flight
* Sing-Along Construction Song
* How Andrew Got His Spots

Entries will be accepted from April 5-9. The drawing will take place on April 10th, and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Terms may be amended at any time.


This raffle is being hosted by Rafflecopter. Please use the link below to enter. Although the form asks you to comment on the blog, it is completely optional and doesn’t prohibit you from entering. Just click on “I commented” to be entered into the raffle.


***Amazing Free Picture Book Promotion from April 5-9***

Below are a list of all the books that will be listed for free from April 5-9. You can go find the ones you are interested in at Amazon.com, and download. Or you can go to Scott Gordon’s blog/website for information on the books and links to download for free. The whole list is also available in his free book, “Pigtastic”.


  • Pigtastic by Scott Gordon
  • Eggtastic by Scott Gordon
  • The Pig Princess by Angela Muse
  • Monster Ruzz has to go to the dentist by Sarah Holmlund
  • Puppy Come Home by Laura Yirak
  • How Far Will It Fly?: (My Yellow Kite) by D.C. Swain
  • Things You Might See on an African Safari: A Counting Journey Through Africa by Louise Lintvelt
  • Things You Might See Swimming Under the Sea: A colourful underwater adventure by Louse Lintvelt
  • Alphabet All-Stars: Animal Flashcards by Scott Gordon
  • The Fisherman’s Son by Marilyn Peake
  • The Snarls: A Hair Combing Story by Becca Price
  • Sharee by Daria Aran
  • Curse of the Creeper Part 1: Minecraft Books for Kids (Unofficial) by Daniel Ashley
  • Ming Li and the Charmed Phoenix by Marina Bonomi
  • Bheki and the Magic Light by Janet Hurst-Nicholson
  • Where Do Ghosts Go When They’re Not Spooking and Scaring? by Alira Bell
  • Quick, Quick, I Feel Sick! by Allira Bell
  • Pumper the Pumpkin by Tiffany Turner
  • How My Farts Made Me Famous! by Max Hinky
  • Game On Boys! The PlayStation Play-offs: A Hilarious adventure for children 9-12 with illustrations by Kate Cullen
  • The Search for the Sheriff’s Star: A Lost Bookshop Adventure by Adam Maxwell
  • Quien Quiere Ser Un Robot por Scott Gordon (Spanish)
  • Cuori Sani e Felici di Scott Gordon (Bilingual Italian and English)

Happy Easter and Spring from all of the participating Indie Children’s Authors!-Tiffany Turner

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss: Celebrating Read Across America, Free Ebook Coupon

Happy Read Across America Day today on March 2. Read all week for free with ebook coupons.

Happy Read Across America Day today on March 2. Read all week for free with ebook coupons.

Happy Read Across America Day! To celebrate, I’ve got my first children’s novel set-up on Smashwords to be free this week. You can pick up your copy here at Smashwords.

Here is the coupon: FL57N

I also promised some information on fabulous gifts available this week. On Wed. March 4, a free book called: Taming Your Pet Monster: An Operational Guide is the trigger for all of the free gifts. You’ll be able to find it on Amazon. Inside the free copy will be a list of 25 books all free for that day. They range from picture books to middle grade. They are listed by the author below. So, you’ll see the link when clicked in the promo list in the book. So, the books that are free will be officially revealed that day. Can’t give it all totally away today! 🙂

The Lost Secret of Fairies is available for free on Read Across America Week with a Smashwords coupon.

The Lost Secret of Fairies is available for free on Read Across America Week with a Smashwords coupon.

Here is the list of authors so you can check out their books ahead of time. The books included in the March 4th promotion are listed by the number of each in the series by that author. Enjoy! Don’t forget, read, read, read!

  • Taming Your Pet Monster: An Operational Guide
  • Sarah Holmlund title #1
  • Sarah Holmlund title #2
  • D.C. Swain title #1
  • D.C. Swain title #2
  • Emily Martha Sorensen title #1
  • Louise Lintvelt title #1
  • M.J. Storm title #1
  • T.J. Lantz title #1
  • Rebecca Price title #1
  • Rebecca Price title #2
  • Jan Hurst-Nicholson title #1
  • Jan Hurst-Nicholson title #2
  • Jan Hurst-Nicholson title #3
  • Tiffany Turner title #1
  • Monica L. LaSarre title #1
  • 4eyesbooks title #1
  • Winston Rose title #1
  • Winston Rose title #2
  • Allira Bell title #1
  • P.M. Richter title #1
  • P.M. Richter title #2
  • Werner Stejskal title #1
  • Rhonda Tyler title #1
  • Little Chickadee
  • A Little Book About You

***Shhhh! There is another free ebook secret. It has to do with more free reading. I’ll be revealing all of the info in a post on the blog tomorrow. So, please check back!