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Interview with Ronald Wayne Robinson

Ronald's Author Page

Ronald Wayne Robinson is the author of the picture book “You’re A Dog, Chase!”.

As we head further into the summer, I found another gem to consider for your summer reading list or even for beginning of school read-alouds. Ronald Wayne Robinson has written a marvelous picture book called “You’re A Dog, Chase!”. Ronald Wayne Robinson has a background in education, psychology, and sociology. He’s won an award from the NEA for his written and produced play “Education is the Key to Life” and created board games that teach the musical history of Soul. In “You’re A Dog, Chase!”, he tells a humorous story of a dog that accidentally loses his memory, and doesn’t realize he is a dog. I had the chance to talk to Mr. Robinson about his childhood memories, favorite authors, and what future projects are in the works.

1) What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

Ronald Wayne Robinson: I can remember my third grade teacher, Ms. Bland, reading Charlotte’s Web to the class.

2) Who was your favorite author and how did they influence you?

Ronald Wayne Robinson: My favorite author is Sidney Sheldon. He was so intriguing with his story and it was hard to figure out how the story would end!

3) Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.

Ronald Wayne Robinson: I like to write early in the morning (3-4 AM). Everybody is sleeping and I don’t have to worry about the phone ringing or I have a task to perform.

4) What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Ronald Wayne Robinson: I’m a Children’s Picture Book author. Children books give you a chance to be more creative in your story line. You don’t have to always follow what is suppose to happen. Sometimes you can make the impossible happen!

5) What is writing to you in one sentence?

Ronald Wayne Robinson: Writing is a way to let people know what’s going on inside of me! I’m an introvert.

You're A Dog-Talking Chickens-Picture“You’re a Dog, Chase” is the humorous story of a farm dog that loses his memory while playing Frisbee with his owner, Tyson. In his journey to figure out what he is, Chase visits with all the animals on the farm, imitating each until another accident brings his memory back. This cute story deals with the themes of responsibility while introducing children to the farm and farm animals. This would be a great read aloud for early grade teachers planning a farm unit.

*This book is also available in a Spanish Edition, “Tu Eres Un Perro, Chase!”

“You’re A Dog, Chase!” is available at Amazon.com.

For more information, you can visit Ronald Wayne Robinson’s website/page at Amazon.com.

New Humorous Book For Parents: Driving Grandpa


Driving Grandpa is available on Amazon and is a KU title.

Since I come across a lot of books in my work as a children’s author and teacher, I thought I’d expand into a new section to my blog: Books that are for parents. There are all kinds of books that can support that hardest job of all, especially with your own parents. That is where my first book fits in.

Driving Grandpa by John Redstand is an adult humorous book that tells the ups and downs of the other parenting, parenting your parents. It tells of the adventure of a grandson in helping out his grandfather after losing his wife. All the relatives have had a go in taking care of grandpa. Now it is his turn, and that is when the fun begins.

This was a great book that takes a look at the quality time spent with our elders. Through WWII stories, stories of life, and the journey to patent an outboard motor, we get to know the unique relationship of a boy grown a man and his grandfather. I bonded with both the author’s humorous take on his grumpy grandfather, and was touched by the way their relationship grows through the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone that would relish the story of giving homage to the Great Generation and how we need to care for loved ones before they leave us forever. It’s a great book for the kid in all of us.

***Driving Grandpa is available exclusively on Amazon and is a Kindle Unlimited title!