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Back To School Blog Tour: Day 5


backtoschool2016I’d like to wrap up the blog tour by saying a big thank you to all of the participating authors for joining this annual event. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the different featured authors this week.

Please feel free to visit the blog/websites of participating authors to find out more about them:

Plus, here is a list of additional blog posts that appeared on participating blogs this week:

An interview with Martine Lewis on Erin Liles’s blog:


For an interview with me, Tiffany Turner, head over to Sandra R. Anderson’s Blog:


Teaching Tips on Philip Gibson’s Blog:




Here is one last shot at the list of freebies, discounts, and giveaways during the blog tour. All discounts, freebies and giveaways will be running through the blog tour dates: 9/12-9/16.

  1. Win a $25 shopping spree on Amazon! Link to the Rafflecopter giveaway link here!
  2. Download a free copy of Konrad and the Birthday Painting HERE!
  3. Philip Gibson’s Graded Word For Word Reader 1 & 2 Free
  4.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018ZQQ98C
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019J1U2RQ
  6. The Lost Secret of Fairies: Discounted to $0.99
  7. Win a notebook set, bookmarks or the book Tinker Bee by Erin Liles: http://erinbethliles.weebly.com/blog/back-to-school-blog-tour-giveaway

Thanks so much for joining myself and the other Indie children’s authors this week. I’ve enjoyed hosting the Back to School Blog Tour again this year. I can’t wait to celebrate the 5th Annual tour next year. Sign-ups will begin in August 2017.

To all of those teachers and students out there starting the 2016-2017 school year, best of learning to you all! Have a great year!

-Tiffany Turner


Back to School Blog Tour: Day 4


backtoschool2016We’re already up to Day 4 of the blog tour. I hope you have been enjoying the daily featured authors. There has been a wide range of books, from Middle Grade to Reading instruction readers, to a picture book. Today, I share with you the author of a fabulous Middle Grade reader, Sandra R. Anderson. She is the author of Konrad and the Birthday Painting. She is a mother of two boys who fortunately have yet to show any interest in art. They are too busy catching Pokémon.

After several years of translating other people’s books by day and reading tons of children’s books every night at bedtime, she decided that she had some stories of her own to tell. She first got started by taking a course in writing for children at the cultural center Näs, right next to Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home.

She writes books for children and for grown-ups and anyone else who likes stories that are about something more than at first glance. She still works as a translator. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, and Postcrossing, although not simultaneously. She is an accidental stamp collector and keeps forgetting to water her potted plants, particularly when she’s working on a new book.

I had the chance to ask Ms. Anderson about her thoughts on writing, her favorite school memories, and what she is up to right now.


Sandra R. Anderson is the author of Konrad and the Birthday Party available on Amazon.

1) Who was your favorite children’s author and how did they influence you?
I was the type of kid that read everything I could get my hands on, so I couldn’t name just one. I loved the classics, wandering around on that deserted island with Robinson Crusoe and exploring the oceans with Captain Nemo, but I also solved mysteries alongside Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys, discovered smugglers and hidden treasure with the Famous Five and slept with my feet on the pillow and baked gingerbread cookies on the floor with Pippi Longstocking.
I honestly can’t imagine the person I would have grown up to be if I hadn’t had all of these characters in my life as a child and am eternally grateful to the authors who created them. They opened my eyes to other people’s lives and experiences and made me see things differently. They broadened my horizons and made me a far better person than I would have been otherwise.
2) What is your most memorable school moment?
The best time I ever had in school was when I lived in Norway for a few years and went to school in a tiny school building with the sea on one side and tall mountains on the other. One time the entire school (not that many kids, perhaps 60 or 70 in all) rode a bus to the next valley over and then went on skis back over the mountains. Eating my school lunch at the top of a mountain is a memory that I will treasure forever.
3) Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.
My best writing gets done really early in the morning, before the rest of my family wakes up. I’m an early bird and often wake up at 4 or 5. When everything is quiet, and the whole family is tucked away in bed, that’s when I can give my undivided attention to the characters in my stories and go on adventures with them. That said, if that wasn’t an option, I would write with blunt crayons on wet napkins up in a tree in the middle of a hurricane. Sometimes a story just needs to be told.
4) Was there anything in school that was difficult for you?
Sure. I’m not very good at a lot of things. I’m pretty good at reading and writing, but that’s about it. When it came to the more practical subjects, I was all thumbs, and I am still capable of burning a salad or sewing a shirt to my trousers if I try to replace a lost
button. But the thing I found most difficult in school was the social aspect, the unwritten rules that govern the playground. We moved a lot, so I was always the new kid, always failing to fit in.
5) What is writing to you in one sentence?
The magic that allows us to see the world through someone else’s eyes, explore places and situations that would otherwise be out of reach, and be anyone we want to be.
6) What projects are you working on right now?
I’m writing the next book in the Artworld series, of course, to find out what Konrad gets up to now that he has discovered an exciting new world inside of paintings. I’m also working on a science fiction story for ages 9 and up and have a coming of age saga for the same age group on the back burner. I  like to work on several different projects simultaneously, to avoid writer’s block, but there are only so many hours in a day, unfortunately. I also write for grown-ups under a different pen name, and have a few projects I’m working on there, as well. The most urgent is a ghost story that I hope to have done in time for Halloween.
To connect to Sandra R. Anderson, find her at:

Her website: www.sandrarandersson.com

Her Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AuthorSandraR




Sandra R. Anderson writes a brilliant fantasy world in this Middle Grade Book available on Amazon.

***** Five Stars

Konrad and the Birthday Painting is a fast and fun fantasy adventure for middle graders. Konrad, a second grader, finds some mysterious glasses that allow him to look into a painting in the school office that, by chance, is like a map of the real school. He witnesses the taking of the Fifth Grade field trip funds, and has to stop his friend, Casper from being blamed for the theft.

Along the way, he discovers that the glasses work on other paintings at a nearby museum. This introduces him to the virtual world of “Artworld”. Will he want to come back to reality once he discovers this amazing new place?

This is a real creative fantasy that plays with the concept of the real world and a virtual world. I love stories that play with a fantasy world just on the edge of the real world. Anderson does a brilliant job of creating the world and the tension that Konrad has to struggle with. He has to think about his family still in the real world, and make a choice between the two. With wisps of Narnia, I recommend Konrad and the Birthday Painting to readers that love to play in fantasy worlds.

As part of this week’s special discounts and giveaways, you can download a free copy of Konrad and the Birthday Painting HERE!

**The giveaways are still up and going. Here is a list of all the books on discount/free and the big $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway.

**Also available on Amazon.


Here is the current list of freebies, discounts, and giveaways during the blog tour. All discounts, freebies and giveaways will be running through the blog tour dates: 9/12-9/16.

  1. Win a $25 shopping spree on Amazon! Link to the Rafflecopter giveaway link here!
  2. Download a free copy of Konrad and the Birthday Painting HERE!
  3. Philip Gibson’s Graded Word For Word Reader 1 & 2 Free
  4.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018ZQQ98C
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019J1U2RQ
  6. The Lost Secret of Fairies: Discounted to $0.99
  7. Win a notebook set, bookmarks or the book Tinker Bee by Erin Liles: http://erinbethliles.weebly.com/blog/back-to-school-blog-tour-giveaway

For an interview with Martine Lewis on Erin Liles’s Blog, LINK HERE! 

Come back tomorrow for the final post to wrap up this week of Back to School celebration!



Back To School Blog Tour: Slots Still Open


Back To School Blog Tour 2016 is Sept. 12-16.

Greetings everyone. Plans are underway for the 4th annual Back To School Blog Tour coming up on Sept. 12-16. All week, authors will be featured with interviews and reviews of their books. Giveaways are also in the works. So, please stop by on Sept. 12 for a week of fantastic children’s literature to start off your school year.

Plus, there are still some slots open for this event. If you are an Indie children’s author and are interested, please email me at: tiff@tiffmester.net. Let me know you’re interested, what type of children’s book you have, age level, and any promos you might be interested in doing. Authors can set up their own giveaway, and I’ll be promoting the links. I’ll also be setting up a Back To School Blog Tour Giveaway that everyone can put on their blogs. The deadline to get back to me is Aug. 25.

To all the teachers and students going back to school over the next few weeks, have a fun and safe return. Happy reading!

-Tiffany Turner

Author Spotlight Book Review: E.S. Pete Sixth Grade Sense

E.S. Pete is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

E.S. Pete is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This month’s author spotlight review is on E.S. Pete Sixth Grade Sense by Arnold Rudnick. I always like a good story with a psychic twist. Pete, like other boys, wants to be normal. But has a strange twist to life; he can read minds. Most of us would love to have this super power. For Pete, sometimes it’s a curse. Like being able to read the mind of a teacher that is going to rob the school and no one believes him. Sometimes he wishes he couldn’t do what he could. Factor in his crush on his friend Casey, and you got a recipe for a mystery adventure.

This middle grade novel is a cross between Encyclopedia Brown and the Mentalist, except with a school boy crush in the middle. Unlike Encyclopedia, Pete has fallen for his sidekick or at least she becomes his sidekick in the first of what proves to be an interesting series. From trying to save the day to going on a field trip as bait for the robbery, Pete is the unsung hero. He has to believe that he is right even with the ability to read people’s minds. He still has doubts on whether he should use the information or not. It often gets him in trouble.

I liked this twist of fate. What would happen if you could read minds? Rudnick digs deep into this dilemma giving Pete that morality of good vs. evil that is often missing from today’s literature for children. With the basics of a good ole’ fashion mystery, ESPete: Sixth Grade Sense will charm any child reader into believing that reading minds isn’t easy, and having super powers means you have to still be like everyone else. I think they’ll relate to Pete on an everyday level and enjoy the idea that reading minds wouldn’t be easy. I recommend for children that enjoy a good mystery series that might enjoy fantasy or paranormal twists.

Rating: Four Stars  ****

ISBN: 0981587909

Publisher: Paraphrase, LLC

****Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

FB Fan Page:


ARNOLD RUDNICK has written for many television shows, including THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR, STAR TREK: VOYAGER and THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY.

Author Website: http://espete.com

Follow on

Twitter: arnoldrudnick

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/arnold.rudnick

Back to School Blog Tour 2013-Giveaway Results

Back to School Blog Tour Sept. 2-6

Back to School Blog Tour Sept. 2-6

Today is the winner announcement for the Back to School Giveaway Bundle. It was linked through an on-line giveaway entry website called Rafflecopter. I’m sorry to announce there were no entries for the giveaway. Therefore, there was no winner.


But, let’s do this all again next year. I had a great time interviewing other Indie Children’s Authors, and I’d love to run the blog tour again next year. I think I’ll be making some changes, and focusing on certain features. Look for the Back to School Blog Tour 2014 next year. Announcements will go out for participation during the summer of 2014.

For now, enjoy the information from the blog tour, visit the featured authors, and have an excellent school year!

-Tiffany Turner
Editor and Head Writer for The Indie Children’s Authors Connection

Get On The Train To Health


Chew Chew The Food Chain Train by Janet Michelson

Chew Chew The Food Chain Train by Janet Michelson

As part of my summer reading series, I’m starting off this first post with a great book to get your children or grandchildren eating healthy for the summer. “Chew Chew The Food Chain Train” by Janet Michelson is a wonderful picture book to help keep your little one on a healthy track. Speaking as a teacher, this is a great book to introduce children to the idea of eating healthier. Kids always want ice cream and candy. Teaching them why they need to eat other snack foods will help save many of today’s next generation from obesity or diabetes.

This story gives the role model to grandparents as they take their grandchildren out to a special restaurant that features “Chew Chew”, a buffet train, that rolls by with healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts. The children have to select healthy food choices for their dinner. This is a great way to promote why healthy snacks are a better choice. Plus, how to choose those foods is always hard to explain to little ones. This is a great way to do so, and have fun exploring some of the knowledge after the book is read.

“Chew Chew The Food Chain Train” is a great way to introduce younger children on how to eat healthy foods. Choice is important, especially in helping to preserve the health of the new generation. Teaching wise snack choices is necessary, and this is a great way to do it.

**** Four Star Rating

“Chew Chew The Food Chain Train” is available on Amazon.com as a paperback and Ebook. It’s available at Barnes and Noble for the Nook. Bilingual editions available in German and French.

The Lost Secret of Dragonfire Wins Honorable Mention In The San Francisco Book Festival


The Lost Secret of Dragonfire is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Lost Secret of Dragonfire is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am happy to announce that The Lost Secret of Dragonfire has won honorable mention in The San Francisco Book Festival on May 18. I was privileged to go to the awards ceremony and accept the award. It was my first walk up to a podium. After over 7 years of trying, I’ve finally gotten recognized for creating a great work of fiction. There can only be more.

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the book festival during the day. I met Patti Ptak Kogutek, the author of “A Change of Habit”. She has an outgoing personality, and I wanted to find out the story of her journey from Sister Mary Kateri to Sister Mary Vodka. So, I bought and enjoyed reading her book.

Accepting the Honorable Mention Award for Children's Books at the San Francisco Book Festival 2013

Accepting the Honorable Mention Award for Children’s Books at the San Francisco Book Festival 2013

I also enjoyed listening to the informative panels of authors through out the day. There was a panel on marketing and promotions, children’s authors, and ebooks. I even met up with an author, Lloyd Lofthouse, that is on one of my yahoo writing groups. It was awesome to finally meet one of the people I’ve talked to through the internet for so long.

Plus, I learned that having some way for you to get noticed helps to break free from the crowd. I finally got to meet Bruce Haring, managing director of the SF Book Festival. One of the first things he mentioned was, “Hey, you’re the author that plays the harp.” For some reason, I’m guessing not many authors may pluck and write in their spare time as I do. So, pretty much, I’ve discovered a marketing break through. My harp playing as a hook. Really, so many legends connect harps and fairies. Harps are supposedly the way to call fairies to you. Combined with my new award win and harp playing, I feel the carving of a niche in the Indie book world.

Overall, it was a great experience for any writer. I accepted an award, met and exchanged information from others in publishing, and had a great time. Truly, there is something to be said about entering as many awards as possible. You might win one of them. So, keep trying, keep writing.

A Gift of Old School Adventure


The Treasure of Devil’s Hole by Jody M. Mabry

What do caves, boys on adventure, and gold all have in common? They are combined into a wildly good historical adventure that is hard to put down. The Treasure at Devil’s Hole by Jody M. Mabry is a combination of a Hardy Boy’s adventure and home cooked apple pie. It’s an old school recipe for some good reading. I ate it right up.

A young boy growing up in 1945 goes on an adventure looking for treasure with his two younger brothers. There is a legend told about bandits that hid their treasure in the nearby cavern of Devil’s Hole. One afternoon, they all decide to find out if it’s true. They get more than they bargain for. A mysterious old man tries to nab them as they escape the dangers of the cave.

Bug, also known as Francis, is convinced it must be there. But having been whooped and grounded for trying to find the treasure in the first place, he must find an excuse to outwit his mother to lead another trip down into the cave. With his best friend Billy, Bug runs into more of a mystery than planned. Trapped into a conflict with the local bully, Bug must solve the riddle of the treasure as well as save the local miner that faces the ultimate punishment.

This is a great mystery adventure to get lost in for the coming Holiday break. It’s got a fast pace, keeping you gripped in the story. I couldn’t put it down. It takes place in a small town in Possum Flats, Arkansas. Mabry sprinkles real stories from his grandmother raising her rowdy boys with a mix of traditional mystery storytelling. He was inspired by stories of the “Old Dutchman Mine” as a kid, and uses the classic lost treasure plot with a lot of fun, new twists. There is a nice set up for a sequel in the ending. I am hoping for Bugs to have further adventures with his brothers. Hopefully, Mr. Mabry’s grandmother told enough tales to fill more books. I’m looking forward to them.

***** 5 Stars
The Treasure of Devil’s Hole is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles.com. Plus, it is also available as an ebook at Ibooks.com, the Apple Store, and Lulu.com.

Not a Vampire, Not a Superhero, But A Kid That Saves the Day


Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero written by Lauren DW Luchsinger Fox

Chaderick is a typical nerdy kid. He reminds me of Encyclopedia Brown, if he lived in a town of superheroes. Chaderick, which doesn’t prefer Chad, is a not so average kid with not typical neighbors. He stands out since he’s one of the few people that isn’t a superhero, vampire, or zombie. Really, what could be left? The biggest lesson of all to learn, that being yourself can save the day.

Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero. is by Lauren DW Luchsinger Fox. The book focuses on the problem of what to do when you don’t fit in. With his sidekick Hollanda, or Hole, Chaderick searches for the solutions to different mysteries in the town of Hero Town. Why did someone tie up the cafe owners and steal the mustard? Why was there a mysterious fire? Could there be evil afoot with a town full of superheroes? But of course, Chaderick isn’t the only one on the case. Pyroman, Super Dan, and if the local police are out to catch the culprits. But Chaderick wants to prove that you don’t have to be a superhero to save the day.

This is a great book for kids to build self-esteem and have trouble reading. The language is simple and direct for a middle reader. Chaderick is a misfit in a hero filled world. He’s very endearing to anyone that has felt like they don’t stand out in a crowd. The interplay between his friend Hole is masterful. It’s a sidekick relationship you can buy into. Plus, the plot leads to an ending that is satisfying, but with a fun twist. I only had trouble with Chaderick getting tricked into a box trap by the villain. I thought he’d been established as being smarter than falling for it.

Overall, Chaderick Not a Vampire. Not a Zombie. Not a Superhero. is a great read for those wanting a book of misfits in a world full of superheroes. Parents will love the direct humor that will help a lower reader. With lots of free summer time, this would be a great book to entertain during any family vacation.

**** Four Star Rating
Available at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com.