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Author Spotlight Book Review: E.S. Pete Sixth Grade Sense

E.S. Pete is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

E.S. Pete is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This month’s author spotlight review is on E.S. Pete Sixth Grade Sense by Arnold Rudnick. I always like a good story with a psychic twist. Pete, like other boys, wants to be normal. But has a strange twist to life; he can read minds. Most of us would love to have this super power. For Pete, sometimes it’s a curse. Like being able to read the mind of a teacher that is going to rob the school and no one believes him. Sometimes he wishes he couldn’t do what he could. Factor in his crush on his friend Casey, and you got a recipe for a mystery adventure.

This middle grade novel is a cross between Encyclopedia Brown and the Mentalist, except with a school boy crush in the middle. Unlike Encyclopedia, Pete has fallen for his sidekick or at least she becomes his sidekick in the first of what proves to be an interesting series. From trying to save the day to going on a field trip as bait for the robbery, Pete is the unsung hero. He has to believe that he is right even with the ability to read people’s minds. He still has doubts on whether he should use the information or not. It often gets him in trouble.

I liked this twist of fate. What would happen if you could read minds? Rudnick digs deep into this dilemma giving Pete that morality of good vs. evil that is often missing from today’s literature for children. With the basics of a good ole’ fashion mystery, ESPete: Sixth Grade Sense will charm any child reader into believing that reading minds isn’t easy, and having super powers means you have to still be like everyone else. I think they’ll relate to Pete on an everyday level and enjoy the idea that reading minds wouldn’t be easy. I recommend for children that enjoy a good mystery series that might enjoy fantasy or paranormal twists.

Rating: Four Stars  ****

ISBN: 0981587909

Publisher: Paraphrase, LLC

****Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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ARNOLD RUDNICK has written for many television shows, including THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR, STAR TREK: VOYAGER and THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY.

Author Website: http://espete.com

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Twitter: arnoldrudnick

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Back To School Blog Tour 2014: Featured Author D.R. Martin


b2schblogtour2014Welcome to Day 4 of the Back to School Blog Tour 2014! If you haven’t signed up for the Book Bundle Giveaway, there are still several days left. Entering is easy. From liking authors on Facebook to commenting on their blog, you can enter to win the fabulous book bundle of children’s book each day. So, keep coming back each day and enter.


Today’s featured author is D.R. Martin. He began his writing career as an arts journalist before moving on to marketing communications work. He has covered topics ranging from consumer electronics and medical technology to travel and classical music. For many years, he reviewed science fiction and fantasy books for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

D.R. Martin is the author of the Johnny Graphic Adventures series.

D.R. Martin is the author of the Johnny Graphic Adventures series.

D. R. is the author of the Johnny Graphic children’s ghost adventure series and the Marta Hjelm hard-boiled PI mystery Smoking Ruin. Under the pen name Richard Audry he has published the Mary MacDougall historical mystery novella A Pretty Little Plot and the canine cozy mystery The Karma of King Harald. The second Mary MacDougall novella, The Stolen Star, was issued this past summer. A Mary MacDougall Mystery Duet is the paperback edition of the two Mary MacDougall novellas. In addition, D. R. is the author of Four Science Fiction Masters: Lost Interviews with Herbert, Pohl, Simak & Dickson; and Travis McGee & Me: Reflections on the Man from Slip F-18.

Below is the exclusive interview with D.R. Martin:

1) What is your favorite memory from the beginning of a school year?

Trying out for plays. We had a great theater program and I was fortunate to get parts in shows every autumn. I always had some stage fright before performances, but a great sense of accomplishment afterwards.

2) Who was your most inspiring teacher? Why?

His name was Robert Burrows. And his demanding high school history and English courses scared away most of the students in my school. But those of us who took on the challenge of his classes felt we learned ten times more than we would have otherwise. In addition to the subject matter, we learned discipline…how to research…how to give and take criticism…how to frame arguments…how to study and write long and hard. For junior year English we each had to create our own American literature textbooks. I still have mine, almost three inches thick—self-illustrated in pen and ink. I think I began my journey as a real writer in Mr. Burrows’ classes.

3) What is the advice you would give children’s authors to get started?

There are various genres of children’s books and you should choose the one you feel the most passion for. For me, it was middle grade fantasy adventure. Make up a list of story ideas, filling in as much of the plots as you can. Then choose the best one and write the book. Get as much feedback as you can. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have immediate success. You may need to write several books before you learn how to do it well. You must be willing to keep writing, even without much encouragement in the form of income and recognition. In a nutshell, the trick is to keep writing. Never, never, never quit.

4) Who is your favorite character from a children’s book?

As a boy, I loved to read science fiction and fantasy stories, and action-adventures. It was that sort of thing that inspired me to tackle the Johnny Graphic Trilogy. I simply wanted to create a ripping ghost-adventure yarn that both young readers and adults could enjoy. But having said all that, my favorite character in a children’s book is something quite different. It’s Ratty, from The Wind in the Willows. (Which is my all-time favorite novel.) He is the center of gravity in that peerless story of three fast animal friends. While the Mole is shy and timorous, and the Toad grandiose and lunatic, the Water Rat is the solid one who keeps it all together. We should all be as decent and steadfast as Ratty.

5) How could you sum up what writing means to you?

I’ve been fortunate to make my living as a journalist and marketing-communications writer. But even when no one is paying me, I have to keep writing. Though my novels and blogs don’t make much money, I have to write them. Writing is simply too much fun to ever quit putting words on the page. To me, it is as essential as breathing.

6) What are your current writing projects?

In the year since I finished the second Johnny Graphic book, Johnny Graphic and the Attack of the Zombies, I’ve concentrated on two adult mystery series, written under my pen name, Richard Audry. The Karma of King Harald is the first book in a canine cozy series starring a rescue dog who sniffs out crime. I’m working on the second book, King Harald’s Haul, right now. I’ve also written two historical mystery novellas, A Pretty Little Plot and The Stolen Star, which feature 18-year-old sleuth Mary MacDougall. And I’m plotting out the third and final Johnny Graphic adventure. I’ve grown very fond of Johnny and his friends, and I want to make sure they end up safe and sound after all the turmoil I’ve put them through.


His websites include: D. R. Martin Books; The Johnny Graphic Adventures; and Travis McGee & Me.

A free reader’s guide for Johnny Graphic and the Etheric Bomb is available at the Johnny Graphic Adventures website.

Adobe Photoshop PDF



Johnny Graphic Adventure #1: Johnny Graphic And The Etheric Bomb

Available at:

Amazon(paperback): http://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Graphic-Etheric-Bomb-Volume/dp/0985019611

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008B6Z6B8

Johnny_Graphic_cover crop
Johnny Graphic Adventure #2: Johnny Graphic And The Attack of The Zombies
Available at:

Last Day of the Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour


Starts July 15 and runs through July 19

Starts July 15 and runs through July 19

Welcome to the last day of the Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour. Today, the blog tour starts to wind up. I’d like to thank my fellow fantasy/sci-fi bloggers for organizing and putting on a fun, exciting blog tour for the week.
Maybe we should all do it again next year?

I also wanted to link to some of the other awesome posts that have happened this week.

Blog Links

1) Interview with the Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour Authors-This is a mass interview with 5 authors, including myself, to kick off the blog tour. Still awesome to read, even after the blog tour is over.

2) How to Dame a Dark Elf-another idea of how to have elves relate to you, but good luck. Dark elves are tricky.

3)Magic System in Valkia-curious about how to set up a magik system in your world of fantasy? Here is a good reference as the author, Ryan Sullivan, explains how she set up her system of magic.

4) A New Take on Elves: A Step Away From Tolkien-Author Chrystalla Thoma has created a new way to think about elves. She takes a step away from the Tolkien vision, and creates her own.


So, to close, I’m going to repeat some of the giveaways going on. There is still time to enter, by end of tonight, 11:59pm.

1) Win a paperback set of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles-Fantasy/Adventure Series by Tiffany Turner

All books will be mailed in paperback format. The lucky winner will receive an autographed set. Here is how to enter:

Win the Crystal Keeper Paperback Set Here!

Now for the second awesome giveaway! This is the Grand Prize. All the authors in the blog tour have chipped in for this one. There is an age limit to enter. You must be 18 years or older. The prizes include:

Ebook Yseult by Ruth Nestvold
Ebook bundle Season 1 Boreal and John Grey by Chrystalla Thoma
Ebook bundle Dark Elf by Willo Nonea Rea
Ebook Caitlin’s Book of Shadows by Juli D. Revezzo
Print book Raingun by John Blackport
Ebook Aundes Aura by Ryan Sullivan
Ebook Seeking a Scribe by Marsha A. Moore
Ebook Her Master’s Madness by J.E. & M. Keep
Ebook Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss
Ebook Rune Breaker by Landon Porter
Ebook Judgement Rising by Tracy Falbe
Ebook The Chosen by Annette Gisby
Ebook New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer by John & Annette Gisby
Gift certificate

Entry form below. Good luck!
Magik and Mayhem Grand Prize Giveaway

Plus, the Kboards.com Welcome giveaway for a $75 Amazon Gift card continues for a few more days. Enter and win! It’s sponsored by Tiffany Turner, Endi Webb, and H.M. Ward.

Win a $75 Amazon Gift Card

I hope you enjoyed stopping by this week and enjoying the focus on elves, magik, and fantasy books. Will it happen again next year? Time can only tell. Have a great weekend!

***There is still time to visit the other Magik and Mayhem Blog Tour sites. Posts will remain up even after the blog tour ends.